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  1. WSSUBSN2015

    Looking at moving to Charleston

    My boyfriend and I are looking into moving to South Carolina in the future, Charleston particularly since he has employment opportunities there. Does anyone know what the average hourly pay range is? I would be moving from a Winston-Salem NC teaching hospital where I make 31/hr for working 12hr days on the weekends plus one day shift during the week and get a 4 hour shift difference from 3pm till clock out. I work in the ICU but have experience in hematology/oncology and antepartum/postpartum. Just want to make sure it’s a right move financially since the cost of living is so much higher there. Any advice would be appreciated.
  2. WSSUBSN2015

    WSSU Traditional Student

    I knew someone that got in with a C- for the class of 17, my current class. Y'all will probably find out if you got in this week, and just remember you have to pass intro too, if you get accepted but make less than a C you will get booted. Good luck guys!
  3. WSSUBSN2015

    Relocating to Bluffton

    Was wondering if anyone knew the entry level BSN salary rate for someone in the Bluffton area. I'm thinking of relocating with my daughter after I graduate (May '17) but need to make sure I can make enough to live and support the both of us. I would love hospital work, not travel, or private practice work. I used to live there about 8 years ago and know it's reasonable as far as cost of living, well that is if you make a descent salary. So if anyone has worked down in the low country, please comment below! Thank you!
  4. WSSUBSN2015

    Wssu bsn program 2015

    Just got the email today! Got in!
  5. WSSUBSN2015

    Wssu bsn program 2015

    Just there lol
  6. WSSUBSN2015

    Wssu bsn program 2015

    Me too!!! So many rumors on when they are coming out though! I've heard last Friday, today, this Friday, and the 19th.
  7. WSSUBSN2015

    Wssu bsn program 2015

    I am its been tough with all of the snow days
  8. WSSUBSN2015

    Wssu bsn program 2015

    Has anyone heard for the 2015 year yet? I know we are supposed to find out this week. The anticipation is killing me!

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