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  1. toERortonot

    How does your facility prevent falls?

    nothing works... the closest success was the bed alarm... even then,when a bed alarm goes off, nobody answers it if UNLESS THEIR own pt has a bed alarm. teamwork (sarcasm). 1:1 is the only way to go.
  2. toERortonot

    San Diego Wages and Patient Ratios

    southern california checking in. you will almost have no problems finding a job as an EXPERIENCED RN... i emphasize experience 1+ year(s). your experience will triumph almost any degree/certification. get your BSN WHILE employed. the assistance depends on how much your hospital has to budget. i have a 1:5 pt ratio. i have no CNA or LVN. i work constantly/consistently for the entire 12 hours i am on the floor. some RNs have a CNA, LVN, an IV team, a q2 turn team, diaper changing team, even an "answer my call light for me" team.
  3. toERortonot

    How to learn to start IVs?

    OP... you'll learn. try 2 sticks and then tell your charge. i put in 4 successful lines in the past 3 days. i need to find an adequately staffed hospital. IV team...? i don't even have a CNA~!
  4. toERortonot

    Is a year a year if you only work part time?

    i second this... at my current facility, i can put in at least 72 hours a week (if i wanted to do so) because of staffing issues.
  5. toERortonot

    8 weeks of orientation for a new grad?

    8 weeks is enough for you to manage low to mild acuity patient load. also, keep in mind you WILL NOT learn everything during orientation. it's not possible. there are parameters in place to keep you from making mistakes. however, they WILL happen. use your charge nurse as a resource. patient care/safety is priority... not customer service. REMEMBER this well. cover your ass when your gut tells you to. PERSONAL NOTES don't worry about time management... it will come with experience. you'll learn how to cut corners that will not get you fired or kill your patient.
  6. toERortonot

    Advice needed to stay afloat!

    prioritize patient CARE/SAFETY and you'll be ok. although they say "if you didn't chart it, you didn't do it." i wouldn't worry about that UNLESS the organization is out to can you. there are nurses on my floor who NEVER chart until the end of the shift... and they're still kicking 10+ years later. i am a new graduate and the only mistakes i have made were because i was in a hurry/rushing. i have (1) CNA for 30+ patients, also. depending on which CNA is on duty, that person might as well stay their lazy-ass home. my charge nurse isn't too helpful, either. i hope i don't kill anybody.
  7. toERortonot

    Places/states where new nurse grad is not saturated?

    hospital i work at just hired 3 new graduates without any experience. seems to me there are just as many if not more nursing jobs than there are any other type profession.
  8. toERortonot

    Who hires new grads rn in la, ca

    We just hired (3) brand NEW graduates with NO experience. FYi... I was on the floor the other day with 75% of my staff being non-experienced (less than 1 year) Registered Nurses. My location is Southern California/Los Angeles. You need to know where and how to look.
  9. toERortonot

    Places/states where new nurse grad is not saturated?

    where so...? i might plan to move out there.
  10. toERortonot

    Who hires new grads rn in la, ca

    this is seems to be the norm nowadays.
  11. toERortonot

    Who hires new grads rn in la, ca

    before you move, i would try to make a direct connection with facilities (not just hospitals) you are interested in. i got a job in So. Cal with no experience (ASN new graduate) within a week after passing boards. sitting on your ass and sending out resumes isn't going to get you far... this only works for EXPERIENCED RNs. don't relocate until you exhausted ALL of your options. there are jobs...
  12. toERortonot

    Someone got a $25K signing bonus at a hospital in OH?!

    i was offered an 8k relocation package to Louisiana (IIRC)... but i decided to work at this understaffed/underpaid (in comparison to other facilities in the region) hospital in southern california, instead. lol...
  13. toERortonot

    I See Lots Of Job Postings, So Why Can't I Find A Nursing Job?

    i live in Los Angeles. just now, i searched for a Registered Nurse position within a 50 mile radius of my zip code. 300 NEW (as in was posted, yesterday) showed up... the majority wanted 1+ year of experience or specified "NO NEW GRADUATE". i feel that "lack of experience" should have been mention. ... unless my reading comprehension sucks and i missed it. anyway, it is cheaper to place a nurse with 1+ year(s) of experience on orientation for a couple of days than it is to train a raw graduate for a minimum of 6 weeks. and from what i have seen... as a new graduate, no nurse wants the additional workload to precept/train UNLESS your facility has a NEW GRADUATE program... if there is no NEW GRADUATE program in place, you can expect the higher acuity patients and the maximum legal nurse:patient ratio... because there are (2) of you. not sure what math was involved here; but, it is clear nobody took into account the time to teach/demonstrate/feedback/ask questions/etc... the additional work isn't going to sit well with anybody; especially, a nurse who was forced (did not volunteer) to precept.
  14. toERortonot

    Why can't i get a job???? US RN

    that sucks... i got a job in 1 (if not the most) saturated job markets in the US because i volunteered. somebody at another hospital made a phone call for me and 1 week after the NCLEX, i was employed. though i wish i had applied to a hospital with an actual NEW GRADUATE program. i am working at a facility that forces new graduates upon nurses for precepting. they DID NOT volunteer to be preceptors. high acuity, FULL pt load, no CNA/LVN, and having to teach. = angry / overworked / bad perceptors. it costs $$$ to properly train a new graduate... i emphasize properly. this is probably the reason it is so difficult to find a job. i find it ironic, to see over 100+ job postings for all things RN BUT with catch phrase "no new graduate".
  15. toERortonot

    Anyone skip pharm and pass NCLEX?

    just know basic/high level stuff, emphasizing life/death here... i didn't have a pharmacology class or even practiced questions, period. i had a couple of drugs on my exam and i had no idea what they were. i still passed in 75 on try #1. get a solid content review and focus on those meds. these questions show up over and over again. some hospitals have drug guides on the unit and even go as far incorporating this into the charting/computer system. you're not going to remember all of it.
  16. toERortonot

    Please I need advice!

    you need to find a new preceptor. escalate the situation, if needed. you don't need to be at the bedside half-ass nursing and making mistakes that could cost you your license. worse case scenario... you get fired. jobs are a dime a dozen. FYI, i know a handful of nurses (including myself) who are going or went through a similar situation. what you're experiencing is fairly common. it's additional work for a preceptor to teach and few nurses want the extra headache/workload. i consulted with my education department and a friend (DON / ER at another facility). they both told me to FIND A NEW PRECEPTOR.