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  1. gibsongirl

    Is home health that bad?

    Try per diem before you accept the position. You will have the opportunity for a birds eye view during orientation. Ask to orient with more than one nurse to get more than one perspective and see if you pick up trends. Ask the nurse when and how she begins her day, breaks she takes, travel time, how and when she ends her day. It's that simple. See for yourself how much time it takes for you to review a chart, make an appointment with the patient, document, travel. Then consider call you will have to take, case conferences you will need to attend if you are a full time RN.
  2. gibsongirl

    Burnt out and just getting started

    How frequently do you schedule visits?
  3. gibsongirl

    What advice would you give your 19 year old self?

    Marriage is wonderful and motherhood is the best job in the world. I never understood how marriage could be "work," but it is. When I was 19, I had met my future husband. We have 2 fantastic girls, he held it all together when I had cancer, he's grown and I have grown. He is of good character. I got a diamond in the rough. It has been emotionally demanding but worth it. Be thoughtful about who you date. Don't date someone you wouldn't want to marry (like a great guy who drinks too much, socially of course.) It's easy to fall for a guy who sincerely loves you. Be aware, as a nurse, you are a care taker. Lots of guys need to be taken care of. That's not a marriaage. You could also ask what the best decisions we ever made were. It's important to know what to do as well as what not to.
  4. gibsongirl

    (8/29) This week, I have learned......

    I've learned: ... that I have learned how to say no. ...that my strength is encouraging people and making things happen so people can do great things. ...I really need time to do the things I want to do because time waits for no one. ...I adore Sheets hamburgers. ...I better start buying for Christmas.
  5. gibsongirl

    What advice would you give your 19 year old self?

    God knows we all wish we were 19 again so we could take the advice we want to give. What a great question! . Try one semester away at college. Get whatever help you need to do it, including counseling. . Consider what is important to you in a spouse. Don't waste your time with someone who doesn't bring those important things to the relationship. Marry someone you love and respect and someone who loves and respects you. . Have fun by yourself and with other people. . Learn how to be a good friend. . Expose yourself to people you admire in your personal and professional life. Pick their brains, observe their habits. Keep what you like, trash the rest. . Be aware that the 2 motivators in life are love and fear. . Take very good care of yourself so you can afford to care for others in a healthy way. . Name 3 things you are grateful for when you wake up. . God first, family second, work third. . Be a life long learner. . Being happy is SO much more important than being right.
  6. gibsongirl

    Price of Patient Satisfaction

    I would have quit. Patient's come to hospitals for nursing care.
  7. gibsongirl

    Price of Patient Satisfaction

    I don't take that type of behavior personally. Being a patient is stressful. Being sick brings challenges to people that we usually don't know about: financial, emotional, mental and physical. It can make you depressed, broke, and confused. I have always found patients can be calmed down one way or another, including having someone else. I've been the fill in when others got the boot. Recently, I saw a woman at home who had a wound vac. Within five minutes, she was threatening to call my supervisor. The vac went fine but she insisted someone "who knows what they are doing," check it. Some of us she likes, some she doesn't. I got her on call one night. I told her I would be happy to visit but I identified myself so she knew who I was. She chose to do a wet to dry and wait until morning for another nurse. It's really not about us. Sometimes, there are so many variables that we never really figure out what it is.
  8. gibsongirl

    ROC...how long and how much pay?

    75 bucks. 2 hours. +Pre visit chart review.
  9. gibsongirl

    Cat Heaven, Nurse H..l!

    AS was notified. Discharged her. Administration said we won't be taking her back.
  10. gibsongirl

    Cat Heaven, Nurse H..l!

    I guess that would be another thread. I dc her.
  11. gibsongirl

    Temporal Thermometer Question

    I would not buy one. I like them but mine usually registers 99. Something. Yesterday, it registered over 102. The patient was afebrile.
  12. Feeling called to pray over my workplace. I will go from one desk to the other, praying for each worker. I will pray over the charts for our patients as a whole. I am able to do it when the office is empty. Any thoughts? If you have done this, did you do it alone? What were the results?
  13. gibsongirl

    Cat Heaven, Nurse H..l!

    We do 8 weeks. For CHF DX 3xwx2, 2xwx2, 1xwx4. If they are high risk for hospitalization, we do phone calls for the first two weeks on non visit days.
  14. gibsongirl

    Cat Heaven, Nurse H..l!

    Having a stable patient for homecare is another thread. It's not uncommon for us. Until you asked it didn't occur to me that she wasn't appropriate. For teaching, vs monitoring, medication monitoring? I used to think patients were not appropriate but you can describe almost any homebound patient as appropriate. That's all I know. I did call protective services, arranged a telephone dc. My supervisor is insisting I go in now to do bloodwork. The patient needs assistance to get to a lab, but she can. The PCP was notified this past week that an outpatient lab needed to be arranged after yesterday. I was off an the office moved the dc to tomorrow.
  15. gibsongirl

    Nurses and their pens

    I started think about that. I used to love pencils. No reason I have to use a pen for notes.
  16. gibsongirl

    Per diem requirements

    On the weekend, we take 3 SOC if we are not on call and if there's more to take, they shovel it. If there is a case over the points they assign, which can be as many as 8 or 9, they assign it to the call person. Someone decided per diems don't have to take call on week nights. Thank God, I used to have to do that too. I do four+ points five days a week. They get frustrated when I say I can't do more than 4 on any single day. I feel like saying, " This is what I am doing for you today and it's more than I have to. You're Welcome."I just told the scheduler I will not be working on Wednesdays. I can take 5 points when I do work and make the same money.