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  1. emmafleur18

    Service dogs in interviews

    @Kayauhs thanks for your response! I actually interviewed on the phone for the program I am now in (school) and everything worked out great. The school has been extremely supportive in accommodations for having my SD on the unit for my clinical placement, and I am working with the hospital to develop a guideline for service dogs for students and staff (they have never had employees with SDs, predictably). I'll tackle the job interviews as they come, but for now I have had almost nothing but support from my school, my clinical sites, and the staff that I interact with. I know that it won't be this easy in the future, but I'm taking each hurdle as it comes!
  2. emmafleur18

    Columbia ETP 2016

    Hey all! I'm a bit late to this thread, I just happened to stumble across it today! I am about to submit my application for the MDE/DNP program, but two of my recommenders haven't uploaded their letters yet. Does anyone know if it is fine to submit without letters? I have sent reminders to both recommenders, but I really just want to submit and get it over with so I can stop obsessing over every word of my essay.
  3. @Midazzz I got a call a few days after the email! I'm still waiting for the packet though (problems of living on the west coast). I think I'm going to defer until Fall 2016. It's just not plausible, especially since I budgeted in a full time job until at least April to help pay for school. Last question for all, does anyone know if the MSN program feeds into the post-masters certificate for NP? I read the application for the post masters, and it looks like we're required to have experience before applying (makes sense, but I want to check). Contrats to all!!
  4. So I am waaaay late to the party here, but I was accepted to JHU as well for masters entry nursing!!! I have been anxiously awaiting the acceptance packet in the mail. Quick question for anyone who knows (because I can't seem to find it anywhere on the website), when they say SPring 2016, does that mean actual Spring months, or the start of their spring quarter? I'm not sure if I'm ready to start school on January 29, especially because the only school I would take over this one is UCSF, and thats the weekend of interviews. I don't know if I should just bite the bullet and enroll for JH, or try to defer in case I get accepted to UCSF!! Congrats to everyone!! (I'm from Santa Cruz, in case anyone is near me to chat!)
  5. emmafleur18

    UCSF MEPN 2016

    @a2rutherford I emailed the email listed on the application (I don't believe I can put it on here, but it's a few different places), and he was relatively quick at responding. I would send another email!
  6. emmafleur18

    UCSF MEPN 2016

    Everything is ready to submit and I even paid the application fee, but I can't seem to hit that button!! I knew I wanted UCSF badly, but I didn't realize how badly until everything is ready to send in!! I'm definitely having second thoughts about everything now, especially the personal history statement. Anyone else this nervous??
  7. emmafleur18

    UCSF MEPN 2016

    Quick question for those of you who have finished the "experience" section. I went in to add another description to my current job, and it is not letting me save it without putting an "ending" date. Obviously, it hasn't ended yet, and I cannot for the life of me remember how I saved it as "present" in the first place! Has anyone else ran into this?
  8. emmafleur18

    UCSF MEPN 2016

    Anyone else think its weird that the application asks for a personal statement, and then 4 other "writing" sections with a word limit of 2700? I feel like if I try to write 2700 words for each of the separate questions, thats pretty much like 5 personal statements? How much did everyone actually fill out those extra questions? I wrote about a paragraph for each (still working on the history one), but I'm afraid that's not gonna be enough. Even though I don't really have more to say.
  9. So I used to be very proficient in Spanish, almost fluent, before I graduated from high school. I stupidly abandoned it in college, and now I've pretty much forgotten all I knew. I'm sure that it would come back easily, but as I apply for schools I've noticed that a lot of them (especially west coast) ask for language skills. (I'm applying for masters-level entry programs). Does anyone know of good audio programs that help with conversational and medical Spanish? I don't mind spending some money on them, I'm just looking for something that I can listen/talk to in the car during my commute. Thanks in advance!
  10. emmafleur18

    UCSF MEPN 2016

    @emara9 I think that's because they changed the requirement for nurse practitioners to have a doctorate instead of a masters by a certain year. I think that if we enter school in 2016 we won't be affected by that, but I know a ton of schools have started the push to change. I know that if there's an entry level program for DNP, I'll apply for that instead of the masters, but some schools just don't have it yet (be careful when searching though, getting a DNP doesn't mean you'll leave school as an NP. Most programs will say if a DNP student will graduate as an NP or not, but some are really vague. I've stayed away from them). Other advanced practice nurses such as CNLs or CNSs or generalists can still stay with masters, I think. Is anyone here bilingual? I think that UCSF probably loves spanish-speaking applicants, and I'm worried that may hurt me. I used to be pretty proficient - almost fluent - in Spanish by the end of high school, but I stupidly abandoned it in college. I'm embarrassed to say that I've pretty much forgotten all Spanish I used to know, and I'm frantically trying to find audiobooks to listen to during my commute to bring it back. Does anyone know if this will hurt chances of getting in?
  11. emmafleur18

    Nurses with Type 1 Diabetes...?

    I realize this thread is a bit old, but I want some input!! :) I am T1D, have been for 15 years, and I am fascinated by trauma. I'm starting nursing school next year (ABSN or MEPN), and would love to do something fast-paced like trauma or ER work, but I'm not sure if it's feasible with type 1. I know that we should be able to "do anything" but if I'm putting my patients at risk because of a hypo, that's not good nursing. Any suggestions? Should I pursue trauma?
  12. emmafleur18

    University Of San Deigo MEPN 2016

    Hey! I am not applying to UCD, but I did a ton of research on it a while ago. One thing to note (unless they've changed it) is that the entry-level program is only for CNL, not nurse practitioners (which is why I'm not applying). I don't know what you're going for, so maybe the CNL program is good for you!! About San Diego, they have gorgeous weather, awesome beaches, and occasional wildfires. There are great hospitals in the surrounding area too. I was bummed that they don't offer an NP program at an entry-level, because I would totally go there. Hope this helps!! :)
  13. emmafleur18

    UCSF MEPN 2016

    I'm so glad this was started!! I was going to start one, but decided to poke around a little more in case. Good thing I did! I'm applying to the PNP program, and I'm going to try and do the diabetes minor and fellowship if I get accepted. I've been slowly filling out the application, and I just have the writing parts left (background info, goal statement, personal history). I really want to get a solid goal statement, and I'm a little nervous about it. How old is everybody here, and how much experience do you all have? I'm fresh out of undergrad (at University of Oregon) so I'm not expecting to get in on the first try, but I have had a job in the healthcare field for the past 3 years which helps!
  14. emmafleur18

    Fall 2016 Nursing School Applicant Support Group

    Hi everyone! I'm probably in the minority here regarding programs, but I'm applying to a few Acc BSN programs, and a few entry level MSN programs. I just finished a B.S. at University of Oregon, so all my prereqs are out of the way (phew)! I already took the GRE, and I'm debating whether or not I should take the TEAS. Only a few schools require it, but they're not schools I want to pass on (Samuel Merritt and CSU LA are the only two on my list I know of). Of course, application deadlines are all over the place! I just submitted the ELMN application for Johns Hopkins, and I'm working on UCSF at the moment, which is due Sept 1. Everything else is in the future, and I'm not gonna worry about those until they get here! For now, I have a full time job in a medical office, but I won't be doing much medical stuff (I'm an admin). I hope it'll at least give me a good look into the field, because the office employs both NPs and MDs. If I don't get in to a school on the first round, I'll look into getting a certification, either CNA or phlebotomy. I'm a bit nervous for all the applications. Most schools I'm applying to are very competitive, and I only have a 3.49 GPA (cumulative, but I think my science and prereq GPA is higher). I'm also fresh out of undergrad, so I don't have much experience. I did work as a pharmacy tech for a while, and I volunteered as triage for a free clinic. I figure I should try for a bunch now (since my goal is to eventually work as an NP) because the programs are there. If I don't get in the first round, I'll rake up more experience and try again. Good luck to all!!