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  1. Breaching contract from a petitioner

    I’ll pay just a portion for the remaining 2 months. I was told by new employer to join them ASAP that’s why i resigned. Thank you for your reply i really feel anxious about it.
  2. Breaching contract from a petitioner

    Coz my next employer wants me to join asap and i feel bad coz it’s only 2mos left before the end of my contract. My petitioner wants me to pay the penalty which is.. i can pay them.. but i made them disappointed.
  3. Hello guys, I hope you could help me coz i’ve been so anxious this past few days about breaching my contract from my Petitioner ( agency). I have a 30months contract with them and i have 2 months left before finishing it but I’m willing to pay for th...
  4. Moving to Houston Texas

    Yes i do have
  5. Moving to Houston Texas

    Im planning to move to houston texas in january 2019. Im also planning to work at md Anderson for an oncology nurse position. I would like to know in which area near MDA is the best place to find an apartment that is flood free zone, cost of living a...
  6. Moving to Houston Texas - RN

    Hello, im just new here at the forum and i would like to seek some advice from all of you. im planning to move to houston texas and dream to work at MD Anderson as an oncology nurse. I’m looking for an apartment which is near the vicinity which is fl...
  7. saunders q&a

    I also bought a saunders comprehensive review 6th edition and i feel like 60-70% ready?? My scores in each exam averaging 70% and im getting nervous each day passes near the exam date. Next week will be the final verdict and I'm praying to our Almigh...