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  1. Loglesby87

    Ugh- helicopter/tiger mom!

    I was thinking the same thing, 5 years diagnosed and in 7th grade, that mom is setting her daughter up for failure
  2. Hi everyone! I was just accepted to maryville university's adult gerontology acute care np program, anyone recently been in this program that can give some insight/advice/encouragement? Anything to help? I'm so nervous and excited!
  3. Loglesby87

    Skilled Nursing/Long term care

    Hi everyone! I just got my first Nursing job at a SNF/Long term care facility, how many of you have taken a first job like this? I feel like it is going to be a lot to get used to. I am going to be the night nurse and there is only one nurse on for the whole facility...there are 50+ patients there! Has anyone had this experience.....I am currently searching for a good flowsheet to keep myself organized!