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  1. rn&run

    Holiday Sick Calls From Self-Centered Staff

    Still sounds like a culture problem, not a problem of individuals. My company has a ‘points’ system— lose too many to tardies or call outs, you’re out. As long as you stay under the limit your sick time is yours to use. It’s childish, but it works. Y...
  2. rn&run

    Introverted and working in the ED?

    Yes you can! I'm an introvert and doing just fine in a busy urgent care. Social skills can be learned by anyone, not just extroverts. I'm not friends outside of work with my co-workers, and I don't share a lot of info about my personal life at ...
  3. rn&run

    First Big Error - Advice Needed

    Sending you peace and reassurance. All new grads ever make mistakes -- some that cause harm, most that do not. You are very high risk for errors right now, off orientation but still new. It gets better. As a new grad I accidentally hung D50 instead o...
  4. rn&run

    Work Schedule

    I think four 10s is only better if you get your day off in the middle, e.g. on Mon/Tues, off Wed, on Thur/Fri, off Sat/Sun.
  5. rn&run

    Which patients are you most scared to take care of?

    'Scared' is a strong word for a work-related emotion. There are conditions it's appropriate to be... more vigilant towards, or to seek more support in managing. In my experience, feeling scared at work about something it's in my job-description to ma...
  6. rn&run

    Please tell me it’s just Medsurg!!

    Hello friend, I like clinic nursing— I work for a family practice/urgent care instead of the hospital now. It doesn’t have the same need for constant vigilance and aggressive patient advocacy, but I still learn new things all the time. I have m...
  7. I've only worked in one OR, but what you're describing @jamiebell is concerning to me. From the Association of Surgical Technologists: "Wound closure is performed under the broad delegatory authority of the physician, as defined by the America...
  8. rn&run

    I'm a sexless nurse, part 2

    OP, so glad your pre-existing gender norms helped you overcome culture shock.
  9. rn&run

    Tips to improve morale

    I find that good pay, adequate staffing, sick leave, paid vacation, and good health benefits correlate directly with good morale.
  10. rn&run

    What constitutes "a big deal"?

    You certainly aren't alone -- and you're not a bad nurse. You are ethical. As a new grad, I was really upset about my first med error. The house supervisor (SNF/LTC facility) told me: "If a nurse tells you they've never made a med error, they'r...
  11. rn&run

    8 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Became A Nurse

    These things are true... and I'm so glad I didn't have a clue when I chose nursing. I put up with so much, put myself through so much, as a student and a new grad. It took some really uncomfortable situations to learn about my own boundaries. I...
  12. I started my nursing career in Denver, and really relate to this statement! So many hospitals and I felt like I would only ever see them from the outside. After about 200 applications to acute care, decided to go for a SNF. Was hired within the week....
  13. rn&run

    Do you hate nursing?

    This for everyone who is ready to throw in the towel. Every "I hate nursing" post is one I can relate to. I was there. I hope this brings you hope, and offers a new type of nursing for your consideration. I lived a miserable existence through 1 year...
  14. rn&run

    Dry, Cracked Hands

    How about Avagard? It's a chlorhexidine-based lotion approved by the FDA as an alternative to the traditional surgical scrub. Latex-glove compatible, and has a persistent (up to 6hr)antimicrobial effect. Wash your hands at start of shift, before/aft...
  15. rn&run

    Surgeons - ugh!

    You sound like a very reasonable employee and advocate - both for your patients, and the surgeons whom you [are trying to] support. I'm totally biased -- this kind of behavior from surgeons is exactly why I left the OR. I understand they are und...