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mimibrown has 7 years experience as a ADN, BSN and specializes in Med-Surg.

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  1. mimibrown

    Boyfriend wants me to stay away

    I would have a hard time with my boyfriend taking this stance. I have the same concerns about getting someone sick. Everyone in my life is practicing social distancing, except my boyfriend. We don’t live together, but he still comes over as usual. He says he doesn’t care about getting sick and he wants to support me. I would seriously consider if this man is in it for the long haul.
  2. mimibrown

    COVID-19: Are Nurses Essential Employees?

    My main question is will we get to leave after our shifts are over ? I’m concerned about being required to stay at the hospital. My anxiety is through the roof right now.
  3. Are nurses considered essential employees? What does that mean exactly? What would a federal lockdown look like for hospital staff? I’m wondering if I should take precautions now. I know there are a lot of rumors, but I want to be prepared. Does anyone have any feedback from previous experiences?
  4. mimibrown

    Seeking advice for possible position change

    I've done tele/medsurg "flexing" up to six patients. It is hard but doable. Drips, PCU level patients, running charge, no breaks, drawing your blood and everyone else's with a full assignment, sounds like an absolute disaster. This is completely unsafe. I would be updating my resume yesterday. I agree you need to run. I do think you sound like a great nurse who should have no problem finding a better job. Good luck!
  5. mimibrown

    Questionable actions that make you go hmm?

    The doctor that does rounds, never taking his hands off the clipboard that he is holding. I'm thinking "you must have xray vision to assess your patient with a bedside chat" 😕
  6. I think that it's usually crimes of opportunity. And unfortunately sometimes the bad guys are watching people come and go without them noticing. I've worked in high crime areas and have avoided these issues by not taking anything "nice" to work. I bought a winter coat from goodwill to wear to work, I carry my work essentials in a $20 Amazon tote bag, I leave nothing valuable in my car. I don't even go to my car to get anything out during work because that could be a signal for someone around that a purse or wallet has been left in your car, making you a target for a criminal. It's inconvenient to have to take precautions, but being inconspicuous usually keeps you off bad guy's radars.
  7. mimibrown

    When Should I Retire? My Struggle

    I'm one of the newish nurses who love to learn from nurses like you. I love your writing and hope you don't slow down anytime soon!
  8. mimibrown

    Verbally and Emotionally Abused, then Fired

    I don't have anything to add, other than to offer support and encouragement. Some employer's do not do the right thing. They push people out, not recognizing all the hard work you have done. I have gone through a difficult time with my employer recently, and it's a stressful experience. I wish you all the best and hope that you find a suitable job. You deserve to put your feet up and take care of you!
  9. mimibrown

    Conflict of Interest

    This is where my mind went as well. Perhaps he lacks self awareness about his actions. But I'm curious why the other student "happened" to see his car in the strip club parking lot. What was the other student doing at the strip club?
  10. mimibrown

    I got some hips, can't find scrub tops

    Have you tried amazon? You can purchase different size pants and tops. If you know your measurements, you can use the sizing charts online. I have purchased scrubs from most of the popular brands online like cherokee, Greys Anatomy, and Dickies without issues. The reviews also give you pretty good feedback. ETA: I did find A-line scrub tops at a scrub store where I was able to try them on. I have a short torso and I find a lot of scrub shirts run long. They were Grey's anatomy brand, but I don't remember the exact style. It may be worth a trip to your nearest uniform store if you are having trouble finding a style you like!
  11. mimibrown

    Med error . I’m devastated

    Sorry to hear that. Good thing your patient was okay! Med errors are scary, and really cause you to stop and re-evaluate your habits. The best thing you can do is to slow down and pay attention. Review your rights of administration. Make sure you are identifying the correct patients. I try to tell patients everything I am giving them. And don't forget that unfortunately med errors happen to everyone Try not to beat yourself up too much!
  12. mimibrown

    A Negative Workplace Can Be Contagious

    I think this is a good reminder to find something to be grateful for throughout the day. I try to not let other people's negativity drag me down. Days can be stressful and hard, but I don't have to let it create a negative attitude in me. My mental health is important to me, so I prioritize managing stress and self care. I wish more people would do the same.
  13. mimibrown

    130k Student debt for Entry MSN worth it?

    This is a crushing amount of debt on a new grad nurse salary. Have you crunched the numbers to see what your repayments would be? Can you afford living expenses, food, and $900 a month in student loans? You will be working a long time to pay this back.
  14. mimibrown

    Professional Advice

    Since you left out a few details, I'll give my opinion on what I would do. I would stick with my current job for at least 6 months to a year. You have no idea of what the new hospital would be like or what your new coworkers would be like. You don't have a ton of experience and you could potentially wind up on an undesirable unit without a lot of options to leave. I would not leave a good unit this early in my career. And unless your family member is a nurse, they might not be aware of unit politics, dynamics, etc that effect the nursing staff. I also think financially you would be better off staying put. From what I know about leases, they are considered a contract. If you breach the terms of the contract, usually there is a financially penalty. Given the financial issues you and your family currently face, it seems like the opposite of what is the most sensible. It is admirable to want to help family, but I would try to get to a more secure place myself before I overhauled my whole life to be someone's care taker. You didn't say if they were going to need help indefinitely or if they have children or in-laws who could help in a pinch. Maybe there are a few more options to consider. Just my two cents.
  15. mimibrown

    Psst....Let's Talk About Gossip in the Nurses' Station

    I don't like gossip. I think there is a difference between sharing and saying something negative about someone behind their back. To me that's what makes gossip destructive. If you need to address an issue, go ahead and be upfront. Otherwise you are prone to creating a negative atmosphere and at times spreading rumors and false information.