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mimibrown has 9 years experience as a ADN, BSN and specializes in Med-Surg.

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  1. How can a nurse sustain a healthy and happy relationship?

    My husband doesn’t work in health care, so he doesn’t completely “get it.” But he is very understanding and supportive. I have also worked on units that have drained the life out of me, and he was patient as I transitioned to a new lower stress area....
  2. Yes I want a manager to provide patient care when we are short staffed. I think it shows that you care about what is going on and being helpful to the staff. I do think it’s important that you have experience in the area or relevant experience. ...
  3. What to do about issues with coworkers

    Unfortunately, this is fairly typical behavior. I wouldn’t bring it up to management. You just have to learn how to get along with “sandpaper” coworkers. You will always have those kinds of coworkers. Learn to work around and ignore. She won’t change...
  4. How to spot a bad nurse

    I was in a similar situation once. A doctor wanted to infuse a med through a peripheral IV that the policy said central line. I refused and went back and forth for hours. Part of the reason why I refused was because I had 6 patients and there was no ...
  5. You’re coworker sounds extremely toxic. I would have a sit down with your boss to discuss the situation. You don’t answer to your coworker and they should not be going behind you to get you in trouble. Nursing is stressful enough.
  6. Am I screwed?

    I don’t think so. Take the leave, and get the rest. Your baby will only be little once. The job will be there when the time is right. Nursing for the most part is understanding of new parents. I don’t think it will work against you. I wouldn’t want t...
  7. Daily Rant Thread

    I treat VIPs the same way I treat everyone else, with kindness and respect. If someone else wants to bend over backwards, have at it. I just roll my eyes whenever we have a “VIP.”
  8. One Year in and I’m done

    Without further information, it’s hard to know what would be better. What are you struggling with the most? Floor nursing can be a grind. If it’s not working out, go into another area. I would suggest trying a different specialty to see if y...
  9. Difficult first experience as a new grad

    Oh dear, this sounds like a very unsupportive environment. You need to tread very carefully if your preceptor is friends with the director. I’m not sure exactly what your preceptor is thinking by having a student teach you things. It sounds alarming....
  10. Nervous About Requesting a Transfer

    Request the transfer first. Wait until you have an interview lined up to tell the director. I waited until I had an interview before I told my manager. She was very supportive though. Don’t feel bad about going where you feel comfortable.
  11. Quitting My Job: Returning My ID Badge- Should I be Petty?

    Just turn in the badge. Every place I’ve worked, I’ve had to turn it in. A hospital I worked at several years ago, had a nurse impersonator walk around and steal purses and wallets out of offices and patient rooms. She had on scrubs and a badge. It’s...
  12. Professional Responsibility vs Family Needs

    I would report them to cps in a heartbeat. You can do it anonymously. Please don’t let “family” loyalty stop you from doing the right thing. I truly feel sorry for those children, they are being abused.
  13. I think in an emergent situation, some protocols get missed. If no harm was done to the patient and you documented everything, I can’t see how it would be a huge deal. I would reach out to the educator and ask for clarification on the policy. The cha...
  14. Two-Headed Snake Bully Nurse

    I hate this kind of stuff. Sorry that you are dealing with this foolishness. I realized with people who behave this way, there is something wrong with them internally. They are negative and don’t have anything meaningful in their lives, so they try t...
  15. Eighteen Days: My COVID Story

    I’m sorry for your loss. Thank you for sharing your story. I hope you are able to find some peace knowing that you gave your dad your best.