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mimibrown has 5 years experience as a ADN, BSN and specializes in Med-Surg.

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  1. mimibrown

    Seeking advice for possible position change

    I've done tele/medsurg "flexing" up to six patients. It is hard but doable. Drips, PCU level patients, running charge, no breaks, drawing your blood and everyone else's with a full assignment, sounds like an absolute disaster. This is completely unsafe. I would be updating my resume yesterday. I agree you need to run. I do think you sound like a great nurse who should have no problem finding a better job. Good luck!
  2. mimibrown

    Questionable actions that make you go hmm?

    The doctor that does rounds, never taking his hands off the clipboard that he is holding. I'm thinking "you must have xray vision to assess your patient with a bedside chat"
  3. I think that it's usually crimes of opportunity. And unfortunately sometimes the bad guys are watching people come and go without them noticing. I've worked in high crime areas and have avoided these issues by not taking anything "nice" to work. I bought a winter coat from goodwill to wear to work, I carry my work essentials in a $20 Amazon tote bag, I leave nothing valuable in my car. I don't even go to my car to get anything out during work because that could be a signal for someone around that a purse or wallet has been left in your car, making you a target for a criminal. It's inconvenient to have to take precautions, but being inconspicuous usually keeps you off bad guy's radars.
  4. mimibrown

    When Should I Retire? My Struggle

    I'm one of the newish nurses who love to learn from nurses like you. I love your writing and hope you don't slow down anytime soon!
  5. mimibrown

    Verbally and Emotionally Abused, then Fired

    I don't have anything to add, other than to offer support and encouragement. Some employer's do not do the right thing. They push people out, not recognizing all the hard work you have done. I have gone through a difficult time with my employer recently, and it's a stressful experience. I wish you all the best and hope that you find a suitable job. You deserve to put your feet up and take care of you!
  6. mimibrown

    Have Anxiety, Should I go to ED?

    I have anxiety, but I handle it pretty well at work. When I'm having one of those days, I try to take a few extra short breaks to just breathe. It also helps to remember that you just have to make it to the end of shift. If you are looking to get into acute care, I would recommend med surg. You will be able to develop a routine and learn new skills. ED might be too overwhelming without strong assessment skills and the ability to think and work quickly.
  7. mimibrown

    ABSN Loan Considerations and Advice

    It's a lot of debt. I wouldn't do it. I also think it's a really bad idea to take out loans for living expenses. I would suggest saving money and trying to work your way through school. Maybe get a few roommates. You can also get an ADN and go for the BSN after. It's considerably cheaper.
  8. mimibrown


    I prefer Nikes and New Balance tennis shoes. For me they are more comfortable than the clog nursing shoes. You should also look into compression socks. I have found they help with foot/ leg soreness. You can find cute pairs on Amazon or any scrub store.
  9. mimibrown

    Interesting case of the spilled pills

    Yikes, sounds like a pretty bad judgement call on everyone's part. Probably also a bad idea to count them just because they were expensive.
  10. mimibrown

    Conflict of Interest

    This is where my mind went as well. Perhaps he lacks self awareness about his actions. But I'm curious why the other student "happened" to see his car in the strip club parking lot. What was the other student doing at the strip club?
  11. mimibrown

    I got some hips, can't find scrub tops

    Have you tried amazon? You can purchase different size pants and tops. If you know your measurements, you can use the sizing charts online. I have purchased scrubs from most of the popular brands online like cherokee, Greys Anatomy, and Dickies without issues. The reviews also give you pretty good feedback. ETA: I did find A-line scrub tops at a scrub store where I was able to try them on. I have a short torso and I find a lot of scrub shirts run long. They were Grey's anatomy brand, but I don't remember the exact style. It may be worth a trip to your nearest uniform store if you are having trouble finding a style you like!
  12. mimibrown

    Med error . I’m devastated

    Sorry to hear that. Good thing your patient was okay! Med errors are scary, and really cause you to stop and re-evaluate your habits. The best thing you can do is to slow down and pay attention. Review your rights of administration. Make sure you are identifying the correct patients. I try to tell patients everything I am giving them. And don't forget that unfortunately med errors happen to everyone Try not to beat yourself up too much!
  13. mimibrown

    Help getting kicked out have a 4.0

    Did you forget that it was due? Usually, these tests are required at the start of the semester. I would go and speak with the program director and let them know that it was overlooked and it's being completed now. Can you at least show paperwork of the first step? I don't think they will kick you out for this if you fix this problem asap.
  14. mimibrown

    "He just wanted to know..."

    I'm not an immigrant, but I am "racially ambiguous" and a very private person. I really don't get people and their need to insert themselves into someone's business. I get non stop questions about my ethnicity, marriage status , kids from coworkers and patients. I find it invasive and irritating. I am fully aware that it makes people more "comfortable" to know this info about someone. But I think it is a personal choice to share certain things. I think the OP is well within her rights to keep her business to herself. Her coworkers were way over the line to give out her personal info. I don't have any suggestions other than biding your time and moving to a more diverse area. Unfortunately, it sounds like you will continue to get this invasion of your privacy at this place.
  15. mimibrown

    I didn't wake up on time and was too late to come for AM shift?

    Yes I also set two alarms. One alarm is across the room. I have to get out of bed to turn it off, so I don't accidentally fall back asleep. Just apologize again when you go for your next shift. It happens to everyone at some point. Make sure it doesn't happen again!
  16. mimibrown

    Workplace Stress Reliever

    Your drawings and comments are always hilarious and entertaining! You seem to put a fun spin on things. Thanks for sharing with us!!