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  1. Dany102

    Nursing for Intimate care for men

    Hello Satori77, I don't think the issue is whether men deserve modesty or not. Many men are modest, despite what you or anyone else may have observed (and those who say they aren't are likely lying). But, social conditioning makes them believe that this is a weakness. Being embarrassed is a perceived weakness and that is not "manly". A more "manly" response is to pretend it doesn't bother you. Better yet, just to make sure people know you aren't bothered, turn it into some sexual innuendo. Better this than to admit you're scared, ashamed or embarrassed. What you have is false bravado. An poor attempt at appearing to be "in control." (That being said, I'm not ruling out plain jerks and idiots. I just don't believe it's the root cause. Or that it is that prevalent.) Then you have homophobia which, sadly, seems to be rampant still. Again, this is a poor attempt at trying to convey "manliness." I don't think it is helpful to draw comparisons. One doesn't explain the other. Nor does it justifies it. Man are modest and deserve to have their modesty respected when they ask for it. Just like women. Thing is though... We don't get it as often as you do. That, I believe, is the real issue. Dany
  2. Dany102

    Mieux de vie

    This is only a wild guess but, if it's something you've heard - rather than read - could you have misheard it? "Mieux" is very similar sounding to "milieu" (if spoken rapidly). And "milieu de vie" makes more sense in job interview. This would refer to where you live, or the kind of environment you live in. Then again, I could be wrong. Dany
  3. Dany102

    The Stigma of Men in Nursing

    carti, Being embarrassed because a health professional is of a different gender is not bogus. It is human nature. Trust is not based on logic and rational choices, but rather on gut instincts. Comfort level is definitely a deciding factor. That is why people will "shop around" (as much as they can) for a provider they feel comfortable with. Why shouldn't hospital care be any different? Yes, current staffing ratio certainly penalize male patients but, again, my dense brain tells me increasing the number of male nurses would fix that dilemma. Dany
  4. Dany102

    The Stigma of Men in Nursing

    I am sorry hherrn but I disagree with your first paragraph there. It would seems to me that you are promoting a gender bias. If it is "reality" for a woman to no be comfortable with a man involved in her gynecologic exam (and presumably able to ensure it doesn't happen without too much hassle), why shouldn't be the same for a man not comfortable with a woman involved in a testicular exam or a catheter insertion? Call me dense but seems to me that more men in nursing might just be the solution to that problem. Dany
  5. Dany102

    Spouses being asked to leave the room

    Hello trytounderstand, I certainly commend your courage in voicing your concerns here. However, brace yourself for some heavy-duty backlash. You are certainly going against the grain and your comments, however well meant, will not be well received. Because you know, they're professional after all. As for versed, I see you did your homework. I only wish many more patients would before consenting to that. That drug is viewed as the holy grail in many hospitals, mostly because it's a legal way to circumvent consent. A patient is a little reluctant, skittish, or simply doesn't want to play ball, they will offer a "calmant" to help you relax. In goes a shot of vitamin 'V' as it is called and bablamo instant compliance ensue. And, as an added bonus, the patient won't be able to remember a thing. Wonderful thing, versed. You have my support (for what it's worth) and I wish you good luck. Dany
  6. Dany102

    Are You a "Fixer" Nurse? 5 Things to Consider

    Thank you Jeastridge, for your article. It is well worth mentioning that what we think is best isn't always what's best for someone else. Dany
  7. Dany102


    The advices given by NotReady4PrimeTime are pretty good. But don't underestimate the usefulness of a TFSA. Any extra income should first go into it, then RRSP. Dany
  8. Dany102

    Female foley and witness

    Hello jive turkey, I'm glad to see some nurses are thinking of the patients in that regard. Too bad you seem to be the only one doing it in this thread so far. For what it's worth, thank you. Dany
  9. Dany102

    Patient NOT a nurse with a ???

    Hello JWFeell, No, you were not being overly sensitive at all as far as I know. Privacy is expected (except in some circumstances) when one uses the toilet. Even as a patient. And while I can see the impetus for your nurse(s) wanting to check on you, I wonder why they felt they had a right to walk in on you. Unless the facility you were in had soundproofed toilets, a simple knock and a "doing okay in there, Mr. JWFeell?" would have been sufficient. Of course, a lack of response would be justification enough to walk in. But not until then. This is borderline harassment. I take it this happened to you more than once? You must be more polite than me because I would have put a stop to this real quick. Hopefully this did not sour your stay at this facility too much. Dany
  10. Dany102

    postvasectomy accident

    Hello nvmomof2, I'm not going to claim any specific knowledge or experience but, if you and your spouse are worried about you becoming pregnant again, why not look into emergency contraceptive pills? It is effective up to 5 days after having sex. Dany
  11. Dany102

    No more rudeness!

    Hello WheatGerm, Sometimes, people define themselves - what they are worth, if you will - by comparing what they do (how, and how well) with others. I have seen many individuals elevating themselves by putting down others. It's not pretty but, when you think about it, it gives you some insights as to how they see themselves. And if I were to dwell a little more on the situation you provided, I might suggest that perhaps this was an indication of her/their own insecurities as well. Also, and I admit I could be reading too much into this, I find it very telling that these three girls were putting down a fellow student who happened to be a guy. I hope it's just me... Don't let others define your worth (unless it's your boss giving you your annual review! ;p ). Would you be a better nurse if you passed NCLEX the first time? I can't answer that. I don't think anyone can. I do know some people are "book smart" and others are more "practical smart." As someone already pointed out, NCLEX does not define you as a nurse. Best of luck to you, Dany
  12. Dany102

    Are you supposed to check a boy's foreskin during a physical?

    Thank you for your comments (and concerns), Elvish. It's hard to feel slighted or wronged when you lack the proper context to refer to. As I said, I've always assumed it was part of a "normal" assessment. Not that I allow it very often, but that's an entire different ball of yarn. This thread certainly provided me with a different point of view. I'll make sure to keep that in mind next time I see a doctor. Dany
  13. Dany102

    Are you supposed to check a boy's foreskin during a physical?

    I'm not sure if I can make a meaningful contribution here but, speaking from experience as an uncircumcised male, every physical examination I have had in which I allowed my genitals to be assessed involved retracting my foreskin. And for the most part, I was not asked before hand. Nor was I told to do it myself. I have always assumed that pulling back the foreskin was standard and part of the assessment. As far as I can remember, only one care provider ever "warned" me before doing so. The same goes for when I was a kid /teenager. That being said, I have always dealt with doctors; never had a physical done by a nurse or PA. I can't imagine this would make a difference. Dany
  14. Dany102

    Mr.Pubes the excessive hair patient

    ... And here I thought this was a not-so-serious thread topic. Guess I'm wrong. Aesthetic considerations aside, I'd certainly urge caution to anyone wanting to offer to trim any hair from a patient's body. Certainly make sure you have their consent first (with only a few limited exceptions). Hey, I'm all for grooming in hospitals but you better be prepared to offer to trim my facial hair, wax my back AND offer me a pedi/mani as well. Otherwise... Hands off my pheromone generator. Dany
  15. Dany102

    Who Am I? I Am Your Nurse...

    I will echo tnbutterfly in thanking you for writing this article. You certainly have a way with words. Dany
  16. Dany102

    Words You Hate

    That was actually cool! I wonder if many other similar words could be explain like that... Thank you for the link, Nurse Leigh :) D.