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  1. lsvgsdawn

    HeRO Graft

    I had a patient in PCU with one the other day...
  2. lsvgsdawn

    Drug seekers

    I agree it's easier to give the pain meds when they are due or needed. I also agree with the op. The system is broken. There is a huge heroin addiction problem in the United States in areas of the Country that are considered middle class and not the typical " drug addict" stereotype. Many of these people were once prescribed pain meds from their doctors and then because prescription pain medication has become an issue they are being more controlled to prescribe in many states. These people are turning to heroin, because the dr is no longer prescribing. Dilaudid should not be the go to medication for pain... It is very addicting. I have had PTs and many of you have that not only want their dilaudid but want a cocktail of dilaudid, benedryl, phenergan, all pushed in a certain order etc. I have seen patients flat out lie to the doctors saying they can't hold any food down cause of abdominal pain but have friends and family bring them McDonald's. And the doctor is aware. Dilaudid shouldn't be the one pain med we seem to give. It's very potent and I even had a patient admit to me that they can't live without it IV because it feels so good. And they get sent home after months yes months of refusing to be discharged or having new symptoms when she knows she is being discharged and then they finally discharge her and they are right back in the ER in a few days... I hope she doesn't eventually turn to heroin or something that isn't monitored in a hospital setting, but I do know that I spoke with the dr and he says she is having abdominal pain... That's that. We all know what's right, unfortunately there is nothing we as bedside nurses can do in three shifts per week.
  3. lsvgsdawn

    Why do you think nurses leave the profession?

    Well way too much focus on charting the same thing in three to four different places. A patient load of 6-7 when you walk in the door. And then before you can get one discharged the powers that be already have another patient coming up and I haven't even had time to chart on the one leaving. Another discharge maybe when cardiology signs off on them then of course we will be giving you the next admission. It's not safe. It's not fair to be pulled out of a room with full contact garb on cause your phone never stops ringing and a doctor needs to see you right away at the nurses station, even though you were in the middle of medication administration or dressing change. So many things. Aching feet at the end of the night. A full bladder and usually a night that started at 5 am when you woke up and ended at 815pm or later and you still have a 40 minute ride home. Understaffing, calling off nurses to save money and then calling us back in at 11 am if the ER gets crowded. It's all a bunch of hogwash.
  4. lsvgsdawn

    Moving to Orlando Florida, help with jobs!

    Darryl Strawberry Recovery Center is in St Cloud Fl. The ltc care rehab facilities are always hiring and there are a boatload of them.
  5. lsvgsdawn

    Our units acuity is at an all time high.

    Yesterday our management knew there would not be an evening secretary because she called out. And the only other available secretary was on vacation. Day secretary clocked out at 3pm and low and behold we just sat there with no secretary on a very busy med/tele floor. Phones ringing, orders coming in, new admissions they were calling to send up and only three nurses working( we were short staffed too). When I called the supervisor to see what I should be telling the night shift nurses about putting their own orders in and putting new admits in the system( because not many of us know how to do EVERyThInG in regards to that) she got snippy and asked who so and so was that was listed on the night schedule? When I told her it was just a new pt tech being trained she snipped at me and said " well I have staffing under control"! OMG she said this while I was staring at an empty secretary chair... Trying to answer phones and pull orders out of fax machine. Oh and our sister unit down the hall also didn't have a secretary so we were getting all their calls and call light calls ... I guess my 6 PTs I had didn't mind... Cause they had staffing " under control"! Just venting.
  6. lsvgsdawn

    Nurses Fight Back! Why Some Hospitals are Despicable

    This is true. As a new nurse just past my one year mark I go in to work in the morning just praying I won't have maximum patients. I went the other day and 6 patients right at report. One who just started getting a blood transfusion and needed vitals before I could even finish getting my report on the others( and no vitals machine anywhere to be found cause techs hide them and I can't find the techs), one who started pushing his light for IV pain meds right after I got report on him( still have to do vitals and get my other reports and outgoing nurse does not even offer to give it before she leaves) 5 of the 6 were accuchecks( have to make sure they are covered before breakfast-and 4 needed insulin... And night techs forgot to get blood sugar an a few) oh and look I am getting a 7th from the ER who don't call report and the patient just arrived to her room( screaming dementia patient who is a fall risk they put in the back hall cause that's the only bed they have for isolation) and I haven't even been given her sbar from ER to know why she is even there! By the time I did vitals,gave insulin, and did a very quick assessment on my new lady I barely if at all had time to look over labs and still have to do admission paperwork on the new lady. Oh wait she is contact and has some wounds on her bottom. So I ungown and have to go hunt the camera down in another unit, and then regown and go back in to take photos. The camera snaps one picture and the battery dies! Ungown go find batteries. Come back... Gown up and finally get the pictures! Hang on cause now my guy with blood hanging needs his second unit! Omg this is why I am already planning my exit... Just don't think it's any better somewhere else:(
  7. These are funny. I had a pt who told my manager in Spanish that I had " cop eyes" and he didn't like that I shut the door to his room. I do not speak Spanish. He could speak English but threw a fit and called for manager after I shut his door. He was also upset that the charge nurse had a few words with him after he snuck off the floor to get a big sac of McDonald's from his wife in the lobby and even brought some for his diabetic room mate!!! Seriously the stuff we put up with most people would not even believe!
  8. lsvgsdawn

    NS and kiddos/how to get any studying done?

    I had five when I went to NS. The youngest was one. Just know they will feel neglected. I had to quit my part time job when clinicals started and my husband and I struggled some. I would stay up late and study while they were asleep. I would wake up at 3 am on test days to get extra time before an exam. I would study with them on my lap and when I was home alone with them. They will feel a little neglected but it goes by fast. I missed a lot of school award ceremonies and even my sons 8 th grade graduation because it was a practicum day I could not miss. Just be prepared to sacrifice. Remind yourself when you are frustrated that those babies are the reason you are doing it. Good luck!
  9. lsvgsdawn

    What makes an excellent nurse?

    Team players. Willing to help and share knowledge when needed but also willing to accept help when needed.
  10. lsvgsdawn

    Did I screw myself out of this job??

    I almost lost a job because of this ... We weren't on the same computer but my old boss did it from his phone and we were on the same wireless connection and they knew. I thought it was a tad excessive😜
  11. lsvgsdawn

    Need Tough Love Advice

    Try and hang in there. You really do need that acute care experience. Especially if you are thinking of virtually assessing patients. Even with your BSN which is awesome, you will need to have that 1-2 years of acute care/hospital experience for most jobs.
  12. lsvgsdawn

    days off- a rant

    They have called me twice in the last week. First time was at 730 am so they must have been desperate. I didn't even listen to the message till 11am after I had my coffee. And I did not call back. Sure enough the nurse manager got me the next day I worked and said" why didn't you call me back?" She is intimidating. When I told her I was asleep and had all my five children that day while my husband was working and wouldn't be able to come in she was a little more understanding. Sure enough three shifts later on my next day off the night supervisor rang my phone at 5 am to see if I could call in and left a message " please call back either way" which I did and told her no I could not come in. Unfortunately I was now awake at 5 am!!! It is super annoying. I guess if I say no enough they may wait to call me last lol...
  13. lsvgsdawn

    I Hate People (my rant)

    If you don't like people then you really won't like sick people and their families who are confined to a hospital room. If you don't like talking to people it will be really hard for you to take a billion calls on your phone in your pocket while you are also dealing with everything else you need to do. You also might not like the personalities of the physicians and the fact that you will have to stop whatever it is you are doing when they come in and want to talk to you or the many times you need to call/page them because you need something for your patients. Nursing school as well has many hurdles and professors can be interesting personalities in nursing school. If you need to see a therapist now? Before you even start school... It's prob not for you.
  14. lsvgsdawn

    I took the NCLEX for the 3rd time this morning 😢

    I think you have to submit order. Then it either sucks out your payment( which means you didn't pass and they are letting you reschedule) or it gives you a response something along the lines of " our records indicate a test has already been scheduled at this time ( I can't remember the exact wording but it won't charge your card) ... It's nerve wracking!!! Best of luck to you!!!
  15. lsvgsdawn

    Mom of 4 - can I handle nursing school?

    I went back at 38. I have 5 kids at home and one was under 2 when I went back to school. It was challenging and I had to learn to study whether they were around me or not. I would wake up at 3 am on test days just to study one last time without interruption. I never failed a course or an exam. I graduated with the highest nursing GPA in my class. It can be done. I studied for NCLEX relentlessly once I was out of school with all the kids home for summer and the little ones on my lap most of the time. I was the first one of my class to take the NCLEX and the first to pass. You can do it!!! I am now working as a nurse and just turned 40! No one has had an issue with my age:)
  16. lsvgsdawn

    What should I do?

    I would hold out a little longer and try to get a hospital job. I took a LTC job as one of the first and I continued looking while I worked to get cash flow in because I had to. It wasn't for me at all... But I did get a job at a hospital a few months later and honestly two months was all I could take of that LTC.The manager where I am at did not even flinch when I told her I was at an LTC and didn't care that I would have to quit. As much as I didn't care for it the two months there crammed in quite a bit of time management by necessity lessons. If you take it you will get a crash course in managing a heck of a lot of patients and not enough time so the hospital will be a quicker adjustment as far as time goes. I don't regret I took it cause it showed me that will not be an avenue I pursue in the future and it taught me bootcamp fast how to learn and manage my day. Good luck to you. And hope you find the spot you are meant to be as a new nurse:)