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  1. jlao

    Title abbreviations

    I know this may sound silly, but does anyone know the different proper title abbreviations after completing your MSN in nursing informatics?
  2. Hopefully I can have some feedback from other informatics nurses out there. My facility is currently using an EHR system but the way data captured is not standardize. Most of the documentation is free text. If there are areas of choosing from check boxes, I believe there is no standard or guide line dictating the choices. I know there are guidelines of terminology like SNOMED CT. I used Snowflake, which is a search browser for SNOMED CT terms. I am having a hard time finding standards for description. Example: A nurse is charting about urine output and wants to describe the color. Is there a standard for this description? A nurse can describe this in so many ways. I tried looking through SNOMED CT and could not really find this in there through the Snowflake search browser. Any help would be great!
  3. jlao

    Advice needed on job choices

    Ikarus, thanks so much for the response from before. Just an update, I was able to do both jobs. I am doing the hospital part time and RN/IT job per diem as of now. That way I can get my acute care and informatics experience in together. I put in a good amount of time to the per diem that it might as well be considered part time even though it is two days a week. I'm curious on how long should I wait to try and transition into a better NI job. I would really like to work for a vendor, but really do not know how to go about doing so. I am set to finish my masters in winter/fall 2016.
  4. jlao

    Advice needed on job choices

    Thanks for the response ikarus, that kind of helps with decision making process. I'm curious on what you do now and your background since you mentioned people where emailing you about not being able to find jobs with their masters.
  5. jlao

    Advice needed on job choices

    Thanks for the reply! I would like to get an NI job at a hospital or a company. The subacute facility is just basically starting up their IT team so I think they are still trying to comprise and sort out what is need to form their team. The company is not big and like previous stated, the pay and benefits is not great. I would be doing it more so for the experience. I am trying to weigh out if acute floor nurse experience is better than RN-IT experience in a subacute facilities when looking for an NI position in a hospital or company.
  6. jlao


    I am in the same program! And in the same boat! I did not know about the list of sites though.
  7. Hello everyone, I am stuck currently between two job offers that I am trying to figure out that is best for NI. Some background on me is that I am an RN from NJ, none BSN, currently in school to bridge to MSN in NI. I worked 3 years in long term care, and currently 1.5 to 2 years in subacute care. I recently had just received a job offer at a hospital for a med surg floor for a floor nurse. I figure getting acute care experience would be needed. Just as I put in my 3 weeks notice for the subacute facility they offered me a job rolling out the EMARs to their other facilities, as well as other types of jobs once everything is in motion. They said they wanted an RN/IT. The company itself that offered the RN/IT position, I know I wouldn't look to stay in forever because of the fact that the benefits are horrible/next to none and pay is not that great. My thinking is that it is an opportunity to get some experience in to work with a team on projects. I'm trying to think what would be the best move in advancing in NI. Go to the hospital for acute care experience and try to make my way up to an NI position, or take the new position as an RN/IT at the subacute for the experience knowing I would most likely not stay because of the benefits/pay.