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  1. I just got accepted into HPU's Spring 2018 ACNP program!!! I was wondering if anyone else will be joining my cohort and if you can tell us a little bit about your experience as a nurse and if you're coming from out of state. A little about me: I'm from California and I have been a nurse for about 4 years in the ICU. CHEERS! :)
  2. bayareaFNPstud

    Samuel Merritt & OHSU CRNA Program Applicants

    I emailed the admission counselor for SMU and they said that invites would be sent by the end of this week. I haven't received an invite yet, but I just got word that a friend's coworker got an invite yesterday (Friday). Last year, invites were sent from Friday-Monday... so I'm hoping I hear back by Monday, but I feel like I've already been disqualified from being interviewed Good luck to everyone that applied!
  3. bayareaFNPstud

    Samuel Merritt U Diversity CRNA Info Session

    I won't be able to go for the meet and greet (today), but will be there for saturday and sunday :)
  4. bayareaFNPstud

    Samuel Merritt U Diversity CRNA Info Session

    I will be seeing you there if you decide to go! Just a heads up, if you have been counseling for the crna program at SMI, they have these "sponsorship" spots and they will let you attend for free. I believe the counselor said she had 8 sponsorship spots. I didn't have to pay a dime!
  5. bayareaFNPstud

    SMU's 2016 program

    Sorry to hear that. I am a new grad RN from SMU, and hoping to apply to the CRNA program in a couple of years. I talked to some SRNAs there, and some got in with 1 year ICU experience. They told me they attributed it to having CCRN, CMC, and a ton of leadership roles in the workplace. I had an admission counseling meeting and they told me that CCRN will definitely give you leverage. One thing they recommended me to do was develop a relationship with the CRNA faculty and the school. For example, going to periodical counseling meetings with the same counselor, and that counselor can state how long you guys have been working together for you to reach that goal. Another way is by going to the DIVERSITY CRNA seminar, which they hold every year. They're holding one this June 13 and 14th if you want, and it may increase your chances for next year. I'm hoping to apply in 3 or 4 years since I just got my first job, and it will take me awhile to get an ICU postion and increase my cumulative 3.1 gpa -_-. Good luck with your future applications. It's not about if you would get there, but when you will get there :)
  6. bayareaFNPstud

    Is it still financially worth it to become CRNA?

    Thank you for posting this because I have the exact same concerns. I'm a 23 year old new grad and have always aspired to be a CRNA. I live in the Bay Area and just started working full-time at a magnet hospital. Like the OP, I want to have higher standards of living to support my family. As a new grad, they're paying me 54.89. If I work nights, the night differential is +$10.75, so my starting salary is ~115-130k a year. My base pay would increase $2 every year, and it caps off at $82/hr, which is around 170k yearly. I'm just afraid of losing my seniority and giving up my position. I read that there are more schools pumping out CRNAs, so the supply and demand is skewed and the salaries for CRNAs are decreasing. So my main concern is if I will be making a lot more as a CRNA in the Bay Area.