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  1. How to do well in A&P

    Study groups! My school's student association has special groups just for A&P. If you're a visual learner, I'd also suggest labeling/coloring blank diagrams or drawing your own.
  2. BA in unrelated field first a bad idea?

    I'm currently doing my second degree in nursing. My first degree was a BA in African Studies. I realized I wanted to do nursing in my third year of my BA, but stuck it out until the end of the program so I could get my pre-reqs done. I certainly don...
  3. What did you do before nursing?

    My education has been all over the place: I started off as a Philosophy student with the intention of teaching, then got rejected from an interior design program, almost went to Vet Tech school, and eventually graduated from university with a degree ...
  4. Buying my 1st stethoscope!

    My school actually requires the Classic II, so I think that's a solid bet. BTW, I love your avatar/user name! (Always.)
  5. Humber College Second Entry (2015)

    I had a 3.7, but I declined my offer so there's one more spot off the waitlist. :) I hope you get in!
  6. Humber Second Entry Nursing 2015

    There's actually a more recent thread called "Humber College Second Entry (2015)" if you want Humber information. There's also the thread "Ontario Second-Entry Nursing (2015)" with a detailed conversation about Humber on page 23. :) I think the GPA ...
  7. 2015 undergraduate student BScN applicants

    February 26th.
  8. 2015 undergraduate student BScN applicants

    You should be in good shape. My high school top 6 was 93, and my sciences were in the mid-80s. Best of luck, friend!
  9. 2015 undergraduate student BScN applicants

    Humber finally got back to me (three months after I submitted my application, ugh) and let me in. I won't be going. The more I learn about the program, the less I like it. No summer vacations apparently, which I need to earn money for school. Barely...
  10. What kind of RN do you want to be?

    Pediatrics or northern nursing for me! That may change when I do some different placements, but for now it feels like everything else in my life has pushed me towards those. :)
  11. Humber College Second Entry (2015)

    Finally got that offer! I second rainyd's question.
  12. Humber College Second Entry (2015)

    Ahhh, thank you. Yeah, I spoke to Claire (who wasn't very helpful to me). I also had to argue courses I'd done and send transcripts more than once. Well, we'll see. :)
  13. Humber College Second Entry (2015)

    Sorry - what do you mean by recruiting agents?
  14. Humber College Second Entry (2015)

    Congratulations!!! Humber royally screwed up my application, so I'm still waiting for an answer. I've been told I'm above the cut-off so I should get in, but who even knows at this point. There's so little information about this program out there, ...
  15. George Brown/Ryerson BScN

    Thanks for your reply! I'm not eligible for any other 2nd-entry program because I don't have the university pre-reqs. U of T doesn't really let humanities people take science courses. Humber's prep semester would cover that part, but then there's the...