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  1. GTCC Fall 2015 ADN

    Are we already registering for NUR classes?!? I thought we did that after orientation.
  2. GTCC Fall 2015 ADN

    I'm sorry to hear that. You'll want to contact your local health dept and get started on the vaccines right away. Some are a 2 part process so it can take up some time.
  3. GTCC Fall 2015 ADN

    When doing my CNA last summer, I was required to get my flu shot, even though it was summer. Start at your elementary school or local health dept for records. I hope this helps.
  4. GTCC Fall 2015 ADN

    I got in too! My letter came today.
  5. 2015 Fall ADN-GTCC

    I emailed her too. She said "hopefully by the end of next week".
  6. 2015 Fall Nursing-GTCC

    I have 50 points. Will the weather delay letters being mailed?
  7. 2015 Fall ADN-GTCC

    Does anyone know when letters will be mailed? I'm super anxious.