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  1. Has anyone gone through this program? Can you share your experiences? How was the whole process? I can't find anything on the internet. Lodi, California
  2. rn_xoxo

    LMH/Regis Interview

    Hi! I know this post is old, but I was wondering how the interview was? And if you were in the program, how was it? Thanks!
  3. rn_xoxo

    You Might Not Want to Read This

    I may have taken what my friend said the wrong way. I wrote this article the same day that happened, and because of how I interpreted it, emotions were running high! Haha:) The girl that said that to me is not someone I am close with, but my other friends were actually there for me, they could relate because we were all in the same program together. I called one of my friends and told her how I was feeling after that incident. She told me that she didn't think for a second that the other girl had bad intentions with that comment, and I just took it wrong. Yes, I think she still has the "I will one-up you" personality, I don't think she was being vicious. Thanks for caring, everyone :)))
  4. rn_xoxo

    You Might Not Want to Read This

    Thank you so much for your response. You should definitely follow your heart and reach your goals! Sometimes it is hard to block the negativity out. I'm happy to hear that your husband is a great supporter. Keep pushing through!!
  5. rn_xoxo

    You Might Not Want to Read This

    I did feel like I lacked a good support system.. However, while some of them sit at their miserable jobs, I am happy Sometimes you just don't get the support you need! Thank you for your response!
  6. rn_xoxo

    You Might Not Want to Read This

    Your responses made me smile :) Thank you! I am liking my first few days at the LTC/Rehabilitation center I was hired at. I actually don't ever sit around with nothing to do. I have a lot to learn, but I feel like a nurse! Also, I am applying to RN to BSN programs currently because I feel like that is just something that needs to be done these days. So I will be busy writing research papers For those asking, I am in Northern California.
  7. rn_xoxo

    You Might Not Want to Read This

    I am a NURSE. Did I make a mistake? Am I going to regret this for the rest of my life? These thoughts keep running through my head. I roll around in bed, eating pizza and feeling sorry for myself. Nursing school was so hard. It took up a lot of my time, energy, money...and let's not forget the mental stress. When I first started telling people I am a nursing major is when I realized how negative people can be and how they crush your soul a little without even realizing it. Strangers, family, and friends. I rarely heard words of encouragement "You know it is really hard to get into nursing school, you will be waiting forever." Fast forward. I applied to an associate degree program in my area. Got in. "So isn't a Bachelor degree what you need?" Fast forward. Graduation. "You know, it is nearly impossible to find a nursing job." "So you're going to be wiping people's butts for a living?" I just wanted to shake these ignorant people. I did not shed blood, sweat, and tears for someone to think that my only task would be cleaning feces. I could write a book on all the things I have heard about my choice in profession. The NCLEX was a traumatic experience. I told myself that if I failed it, that is it. I could not go through that type of exam again. I passed. I then started applying to what felt like a million nursing positions in hospitals. Not one call. Rejection emails flooded my inbox. I was tired of my job in sales so I decided to go ahead and apply to skilled nursing facilities. You know, what people look down on. Got an interview... got hired. I wasn't thrilled but I was happy to be using my license that I worked so hard for. Met with a group of friends from nursing school for dinner. One of us in the group of 6 landed a hospital job. That was no surprise since she had worked there 10 plus years as a Unit Secretary/Nurse Assistant. First thing out of her mouth "How much are they paying you?" I reluctantly told her, in front of everyone. "You should really get a hospital job." Insinuating how much more money she makes. I wanted to scream. Everyone congratulated her, but not me. My job wasn't exciting and I didn't make $50+ an hour. When will the negativity end? Why are nursing politics so prevalent? Who works where. Who makes what. New nurse versus seasoned nurse. Bachelor degree or Associate? Shouldn't we be united? Did we not all work hard for our license? Aren't we all smart? I was no longer excited to go shop for scrubs. I sat through orientation at work with a headache and just wanted to cry. Truth is, I am scared. I am a new nurse. I don't know a lot, I have a lot to learn. However, how can I feel okay when I don't think I will get the support I need to thrive as a nurse? Did everyone at some point feel this way? I wanted to help people. I am caring and compassionate. I genuinely want to heal and make a difference. I know it is not glamorous. I know it won't make me rich. Don't look down on me because I am a new graduate. Teach me. Guide me. Let me be great. It is not something you might have wanted to hear and I'm sure it didn't leave you with a warm, fuzzy feeling. But this is what I am going through. It is the truth and it is my experience.
  8. rn_xoxo

    Science/Math Section

    For the TEAS test, I studied one book and did fine. I also hadn't taken those classes in a while. I think the study materials you have will be good. There was earth science and some grammar/English stuff I should've studied more but overall I don't think you need to take 6 months of classes for it.
  9. rn_xoxo

    Should I quit nursing school?

    Wow you are very young! I graduated nursing school last year at 25 and I can't imagine doing it at 19. It does say that you are a smart, mature, and determined person! I've always wanted to be a nurse and the first time I doubted myself was in nursing school! I think you are so close to being done, an RN degree might help you with psychology.. I would research that. Good luck!
  10. Hello all, I was really hoping for some advice here. I am a new grad nurse in the Sacramento area. I have applied to so many hospital jobs, but we all know how the job market is for new grads right now. Which brings me to this dilemma.. I was offered a job as an Aesthetic Nurse in a Med Spa. The hours aren't great because I would be working 6 days a week. My only other option is a Skilled Nursing Facility at this point. My question is, if eventually I want to work in the hospital, would working in a med spa (which would be my only experience) hinder a future job? I'm torn as to if I should accept the Med Spa position or work in a SNF. Any advice would be helpful!