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lavenderskies has 32 years experience as a BSN.

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  1. lavenderskies

    Question about PRN nurse pay differential

    I just started a new position and found out after I started that the administration had discontinued PRN differential (even though it was still listed as a benefit on the company web page when I submitted my application....they have removed that after I questioned this, I had a screen save). I just found out through other staff that they are no longer paying PRN staff holiday pay either even though it is a requirement to pick up two holidays. My question is: I have never in all my years have heard of either of these things. Has anyone else seen this? Is this a new trend? They also rolled my certification pay into my hourly rate that was quoted to me in my offer letter without specifying that. I’m really discouraged.
  2. lavenderskies

    3 Couplets, too much?

    I can only tell you what our M/B does. They take 3-4 couplets. But....they have aids/tech/care assists for maternal vs/infant baths, answering call lights, a charge nurse that helps with lights and breaks, and they are not pulled for deliveries. They also have a day shift lactation consultant that screens each bf couplet.
  3. lavenderskies

    Help! New Grad RN Looking for Work in Bremerton/Silverdale, WA

    I'd say if you are here you'd stand equal chance as a resident. I'm not sure about applying long distance but it can't hurt. I don't know about the hospital on Bainbridge. :) I would consider St Anthony's which is part of the Franciscan system and is just north of Gig Harbor towards Bremerton. It's a very nice hospital. If you want to do L&D or NICU you'd have to drive to Tacoma (about 30 mi from Bremerton) but they have residency programs for all areas of the Birth Center and often hire new grads. There are also residency programs for many other areas. I don't know anything about the naval hospital sorry.
  4. lavenderskies

    new grad dissatisfied with first job. advice??

    I'd have to say that none of what you say sounds good or safe.....but it's likely not uncommon. Try to do your best for a year and then move on.
  5. lavenderskies

    I Love My First Job

    Unless you have an electric car.....just the fuel costs alone and vehicle wear and tear could put a big dent in the pay difference between hospitals. With that said...you could not pay me enough to spend that much time driving if there was a job I loved 2 min from my home. I say stick with it if you love it and continue to be a positive influence where you work. It makes a difference in retention to have coworkers who like being there sticking around. You can be that person....so long as you do love it.
  6. lavenderskies

    Tell on yourself, if you dare...

    Once (back in the heparin lock, pre needle-less system days) I sat down next to my patients bed to start her IV and place a Heparin lock. I placed the catheter and the cap. Uncapped my Heparin flush syringe and promptly dropped it on my lap. It slipped from my hand and as I went to catch it the plunger end hit my thigh, the needle was straight up, my hand came down on the needle...impaling my pinkie finger and simultaneously injected the Heparin flush into my finger. So there was with a syringe of Heparin hanging out/off of my hand and it hurt like crazy but I was trying to maintain my dignity by remaining cool. So I was like "whoopsie..haha, well that's no good". I had to un-impale myself, hold pressure and try and get a new flush ready to flush that waiting newly started iv. My finger ended up with a hematoma as you can imagine because of the Heparin. It was a long night.
  7. lavenderskies

    Tell on yourself, if you dare...

    Wait.... You didn't notice you'd impaled yourself until after as pirating and injecting?! You must have had massive stage fright!!!
  8. lavenderskies

    IV catheter styles...what one is safer?

    I've used both. I prefer the simpler one with the white click retractor button. The other one is fine but it's harder the retract the needle....operator preference.
  9. lavenderskies

    ACLS & circulating

    I work at a 300-400 del/mo facility. We are required to cross train to all areas except NICU. We circulate for sections. We have a transition RN come to the OR w/RT. We train to scrub in and scrub in 1x a year min. We are required to have ACLS to recover patients who have had general anesthesia.
  10. lavenderskies

    New Process Admitting Couplets... HELP!!!

    We do about 300-400 births a month. Our L&D is separate from MB. We do 1:1 L&D care and have a transition nurse for baby...ideally for the 2 hr recovery/transition period. If it's crazy we might only have a transition nurse for the birth admit and first set of vitals. During the 2 hr transition period, baby is s2s with initial breastfeeding, 3 sets of vitals, meds, admit exam w/weight and measurements. At 2 hr we transport to MB where they have 1:3 or 1:4 couplet assignments. An initial head to toe is done on the infant. Baths aren't done until 6 hrs of age and not while babies are being monitored for glucose levels. Baths are normally done by our CNAs in the mothers room. We have CNA on MB for maternal vitals, and infant baths/footprints.
  11. lavenderskies

    Not Sure if L&D is where I want to be! Help Please

    Ditto everything Ruby said. If I could talk to my new grad self this would be my advice. At work you are learning how to nurse. Your second job right now is learning how to take care of the nurse. This isn't the time to take on new responsibilities or other stressful things. This is the time to establish really really good self care. Focus on learning anxiety relieving/managing tips, good nutrition, improve your sleep habits, a regular check in with a counselor or mentor would be so awesome. Look at ways to improve your viewpoints. I wish I had done these things early on. :)
  12. lavenderskies

    Being Managed By Someone Younger

    I could not care less about a charge or manager being younger. I'm just glad someone wants to do those jobs :) As long as they are good at it and professional I'm all for them.
  13. lavenderskies

    What made you want to be a nurse?

    1. Flexibility (both educational paths and areas of specialization) 2. The ability to move pretty much anywhere and be able to find work. 3. The fact that if I became bored with a specific job there would be many other ways to use my degree. 4. It's a good mix of using brains (they call this critical thinking now) and hands on "tasky" work. 5. I enjoy helping make others more comfortable.
  14. lavenderskies

    Help with Senior project topic

    What are the parameters you've been given?
  15. lavenderskies

    Anyone have nightmares?

    I just had one like this...I lost my patients in a super mall. How weird is that?
  16. lavenderskies

    Former Veterinary Technicians?

    Wow! Someone doesn't really have much knowledge of what nurses do these days does she? That said....I love my fur babies vet techs....I hope they don't view me with the superiority that this gal does.