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  1. traceychan

    Fertility Nurse?

    Are you in nursing school already? Just about all jobs are on-the-job training, so the best way to prepare in school is to relate any projects/assignments that you can choose to infertility, any elective clinical rotations (if you get electives) to infertility clinics, and try to reconnect with the office you went to. Once you are nearing graduation, you can call offices to see if they are accepting job applications. Sometimes you may need to put your "time" in at a job that isn't your dream first so that you have RN experience to show on your resume.
  2. traceychan

    L&D RN Role

    Darn, I thought I'd get more responses. I'm bumping this up to see if I do :) I would really appreciate your comments!
  3. traceychan

    L&D RN Role

    Hello fellow RNs! I am new to All Nurses, but I recall reading many, many threads back when I was going to take the NCLEX due to fear of failing (thankfully I passed the first time!). I have been an emergency RN for the past 3 years, a nurse for 5 years, and I am finally back in school to finish my BSN (graduating in July! huzzah!). I am passionate about pregnancy and love to teach others about childbirth after having two very different labors with my two children. I hope to be an L&D nurse some day, but for now, I'll stick with the ER :) For one of my BSN classes, I am teaching a few classes regarding the physiology of childbirth and also birthing methods. I would like to enlighten my attendees about the role of the RN in L&D, so if you could please help me out, I would be very grateful! I have seen what the nurse does during my own labors, but I would like to know your perspective on your role. What are you monitoring, what kinds of things do you chart on, common medications given, physician communications, etc. I also need to know how long you have been a L&D RN. Thanks so much!!