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  1. Hi! I'm currently in CA but might have to uproot myself to NY for personal reasons eventually. I'm looking for online RN-BSN programs that won't require clinical hours in a specific location because of the possibility of moving... I want to get my BS...
  2. Mt. Sac nursing 2017

    Does anyone know the rigor of the program? I know Rio Hondo has a reputation for being particularly tough, but I haven't heard much about Mt Sac's, nor can I find any recent information on it... I'm hoping to work part time and know I'll only learn s...
  3. Santa Ana College ADN Spring 2017

    Does anyone know when alternates should hear back about their status?
  4. Mt. Sac nursing 2017

    does anyone know the list of hospitals mt sac's nursing program holds their clinicals at?
  5. Santa Ana College ADN Spring 2017

    What number are you?
  6. Santa Ana College ADN Spring 2017

    I wonder why they still keep to paper communications when most schools go electronic these days.. Even SAC's application is paper-based..
  7. Santa Ana College ADN Spring 2017

    Thanks for going out of your way to update us on here!
  8. Santa Ana College ADN Spring 2017

    Are you a transfer student ? Or is this for your second bachelors?
  9. Mt. Sac nursing 2017

    #45 @ 79 pts !
  10. Mt. Sac nursing 2017

    Do you have to accept the offer on the spot? I'm still waiting on another school's decision that won't be released till early November so I'm not ready to commit or withdraw just yet... And with the cutoff being at 77, does that mean 77 AND above are...
  11. Santa Ana College ADN Spring 2017

    oh.. Did they mention what happens if a top applicant was drawn as a random applicant at first? Thanks for sharing that tidbit
  12. Santa Ana College ADN Spring 2017

    I have 61 pts at best so I've little hope of getting in should've taken pharm & nursing concepts last year.. does anyone know if the draw the randoms out of the entire elligible applicant pool? Or out of those with an average amount of points? N...
  13. Mt. Sac nursing 2017

    Did you ever call the nursing dept. to ask if they'll still be sending out counseling invites even after this week ?
  14. Mt. Sac nursing 2017

    I thought everyone receives the verification appt email, no matter what standing, if they successfully applied? Unless I'm mistaken? Sorry to hear if otherwise, though
  15. Mt. Sac nursing 2017

    got mine earlier today, too, and turned in my application on the second to last day (not sure what order they're going in for releasing emails)