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armymalenurse has 8 years experience and specializes in MED-SURG Certified.

I have been a nurse since 2007 and have been working alongside nurses in uniform since then. I have served in Germany, Korea, Iraq, a health outreach in the Philippines and here in mainland USA. I have worked in Pediatrics, Labor and Delivery, Medical- Surgical wards, Same- day surgery clinics, the Emergency Department, and as the Head- nurse of a Primary Care clinic. I am currently a Nurse Practitioner student and I hope to finish it.

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  1. armymalenurse

    Reliving My Passion

    Good for you. I would like to encourage you in your endeavors. Take that passion to th max.
  2. armymalenurse

    Should Nurses know procedural costs?

    I think it should depend on where you work and the types of patients you get. Unfortunately, our country's insurance is a business. I haven't run into this issue in the US but I have in the Philippines where patients pay in cash. It was a while back so I don't know if there have been changes since then. But when I was there, if the patient did not have any money, they would put off buying medication, a procedure, or screen. We ended up suggesting cheaper ways they could get 'supplemental' treatment. It's sad but true.
  3. armymalenurse

    How to keep awake at night-Coffee

    I don't know, Dunkin Donuts coffee is still good to me... : )
  4. armymalenurse

    An Open Letter to a Former Nursing Professor

    I wish I could tell one of my professors where I am today. She cried and told me to go home from clinicals after I documented in my notes and reported to the doctor that my patient refused his colace because he has been having diarrhea for the past two days. Before I left she told me that she feared I would kill a patient someday. Since graduation, I have taken care of many patients in many settings and as an NP student, I am poised to care for patients in a wider capacity. It's been 9 years and there are still times when I remember her words of discouragement.
  5. armymalenurse

    Floating Kidneys: An Era Gone By

    Great post. Again, thank you for showing how things have changed in history. I have not treated anyone with nephroptosis but I will definitely add it among my differentials.
  6. armymalenurse

    Tonight is my last night!

    Sounds like you've thought this through well enough. Stay motivated. Don't worry about the old school. You know what's best for yourself. Good luck and congratulations on the upcoming addition to your family.
  7. armymalenurse

    KAPLAN Readiness test

    cdm20, I didn't take the readiness exam with KAPLAN but I did go through the online course that they had. Don't worry about the HESI. At least you know where to focus and fill in the gaps of your knowledge. FYI: I failed HESI twice as well... after taking KAPLAN course- passed first time go. Get some sleep, eat right, study well, tone down the caffeine...
  8. armymalenurse

    Should I quit nursing school?

    Hi mara.bug I'm sorry you went through this awful experience. If you already withdrew from the program, then I encourage you in your new endeavors. I do want to encourage you to go for what you are passionate for in life. If you are this way in psych and improve in your skills, experience and education, everything that a nursing career would have provided would still be there for you in your new field.
  9. armymalenurse

    Continuing education for unemployed RN

    Hello Melliemel33, one CEU is equal to 10 contact hours. The requirements above sounds confusing. But to meet CE requirements, my friend also says Medscape seems the way to go. Registering is free as well as the CE credit. Here's the instructions from the site: How can I earn free CME/CE credits on Medscape? I hope this helps
  10. armymalenurse

    How Nurses Cope with Death

    This is one of the saddest part of what we do as nurses. We interact with patients with the insight that death is always a possibility. On a past post, I commented about establishing a boundary for yourself and I also added that this is hard to do because we are human beings with emotion and bonds that are felt when severed. I do not think we should not empathize with patients but we should allow ourselves to grieve (i.e. talking to family members, reflect quietly by yourself or with others, etc). I have worked in the ER of a Combat Support Hospital in Iraq and even the hardiest soldiers I've worked with still needed that hug at the end of a shift. Thank you for sharing other people's experiences and ways to cope with death.
  11. armymalenurse

    9 Tips to Help You Achieve Your Education Goals

    NewLife15, you might be surprised to find who is actually older. I had 8 classmates starting a new career in nursing. One of them was actually a 30+ year employee of BOEING. He is a great nurse and friend to this day. Good luck!
  12. armymalenurse

    9 Tips to Help You Achieve Your Education Goals

    When I decided to go back to school, I was very busy with work. I couldn't get time off from work to do this either. There were programs that I could've joined but I never got picked for them when I applied. The only option was online schooling. It took me a long time to do it but I eventually finished and I'm glad I did.
  13. I haven't looked all the way into it but I hope this helps: https://ce.nurse.com/unlimitedce/. Looks like you have to be a member. Check out your education department at the facility you work. They might have other resources too. I'll ask others where they get theirs. Here's an update from another allnurses.com poster: https://allnurses.com/general-nursing-discussion/free-nursing-continuing-710416.html It was posted in 2012 though so I don't know if the courses listed are still free or not. check it out.
  14. armymalenurse

    Be The Me I Want To Be

    Good challenge, Rbeck911. I encourage you in your endeavor. Keep it up (especially #2, #3, #5 and #9).
  15. armymalenurse

    I'm an LPN and I understand.

    Hi nicktexas: Still in and still pushing fluids...
  16. armymalenurse

    I'm an LPN and I understand.

    Still in and still pushing fluids...