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  1. chex

    Securing ET tubes

    Our standard practice was bite blocks until tube placement was ok'ed then tape for all.If someone was a biter then we usually went back to the bite block for hopefully only a day or two. Airways rarely worked pt's tongued them out. Tape was changed every day or two and the tube repositioned. As our RT's got busier tape changes became an issue. We then found holister tube holders. They are kind to the skin held on with duoderm and there is a track system on the top lip that the tube is attached to. This allows you to move the tube as often as you want. I do it each time I do mouth care and access to the mouth is great. The downside (there's always a downside)is that the track plus tube is heavy so you must move the tube several times a day especially on a person with teeth. And the breakdown is usually hidden on the underside of the lip. Usually this is only if the tube is kept predominately in the middle of the mouth. Hope this helps. Good luck.
  2. chex

    Abbreviations confuse foreigners!

    For RN read RGN or SRN. LPN (lisensed Practical Nurse) is your SEN (State Enrolled Nurse). NA or NT is assistant or tech. RT is Respiratory Therapy. I hope this helps. There are a ton of others but unless you tell me which ones you're having trouble with I can't help. I trained in England so I'm some-what bilingual I speak English and American!

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