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  1. rondaCMA

    Davidson county community college

    30 students that get accepted.
  2. rondaCMA

    Davidson County Community college LPN to RN 2019

    Hey you guys, I'm currently in DCCC nursing program. You won't find much information about the program because they told all nursing students, before the program even started, that you cannot post anything about the school or the program. They are strict about that and students do not want to get kicked out of the program. You can't even tag the school in a post or mention it. Good luck future students.
  3. rondaCMA

    CMA jobs, no phlebotomy required?

    I haven't had to do phlebotomy in all my 6 years of being an RMA. I have worked at different Urgent Cares and they all have a Medical Lab Technician that do ALL labs.
  4. I sent you a request.
  5. Yes, a couple of the people that commented on this post received and email of acceptance to the LPN-RN program last Wednesday.
  6. The group is for all DCCC nursing applicants: LPN/ LPN-RN, RN. The majority has been accepted into the program.
  7. The LPN. If I had the last 2 classes I needed I would of got in the RN program because they said my Teas score was high enough.
  8. I sent you a friend request on FB. I have to be your friend in order to add you unless you find the group and request to be in it. I hope I sent it to the right person. LOL
  9. What's your name on FB?
  10. Thankful I got accepted!
  11. Thank you so much.
  12. rondaCMA

    DCCC night and weekend program and work?

    Did you every go to that school?
  13. I made it too! Can't wait to start!