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  1. Meesh21

    Study Tips for Aspiring Nurse?

    I actually went to Western and took their anatomy and physiology class along with chemistry and a couple others. I got accepted into their program but I denied my seat because I wasn't feeling that school at all. Anyways, I would say to just keep on top of your classes and don't fall behind. I am in a nursing program now and all i can say is a lot of the stuff is built up from your pre reqs, especially anatomy and physiology.
  2. Meesh21

    Nursing school while pregnant?

    I think if you have the motivation you will be able to do it! I'm in my first semester and a classmate of mine is pregnant and she is doing fine. Yes, nursing school is hard but with the right mind set you can do anything. Don't give up, especially if you have been waiting for so long to start nursing school. If your clinicals are anything like mine it won't be too bad. My first semester clinical consisted of administering shots and ambulating people to the bathroom. It wasn't super exhaustive. Congrats on the pregnancy and congrats on getting a spot!
  3. Meesh21

    What was your hardest prerequisite course?

    I think my A&P class was the hardest just because of how much information you need to know in a short amount of time. It was definitely an eye opener. That class taught me a different way to study, so even though it was hard it was well worth it. I enjoyed learning about the human body so it made it more bearable. I'm so glad my statistics professor let us use a page long formula sheet for every exam we had, if it wasn't for that I wouldn't of came out of the class with an A :)
  4. Meesh21

    How did you study for A&P?

    I know exactly what you are going through! I took my A&P courses last school year and I struggled a lot in the beginning because my professor was such a scatter brain. It was so frustrating because I would go to class and review the notes but it wouldn't stick with me because of how he taught. So what I did (and recommend) is to read the chapters BEFORE going to lecture. It helped me immensely because when I would go into class I already had a feel about what was going to be taught. Another thing is YouTube anything that you don't understand. Sometimes hearing it from someone else in a different way will stick better then hearing it from your professor. When it comes to labs I would suggest FLASH CARDS. That is how i got through my labs. Of course I read the lab book, but for me to really understand and pass labs I had to use flash cards. Our lab tests were either you know it or you don't because you had to write the answer down instead of multiple choice. If i can get through A&P anyone can. If you don't get the score that you want on your first exam you will just have to readjust how you study. Everyone has different ways of studying so you just have to find the best way that works for you. A&P was probably my hardest pre req that I took because I had to learn a different way to study. You can do it!!!!
  5. Meesh21

    TEAS Online Practice Exams

    Hi! I just took the test today and what I studied was the ATI study manual and I used the McGraw Hill TEAS 5 practice exams. I would say that the book was very helpful in preparing me. I really recommend studying chemistry because I had a lot of chemistry on my test.
  6. Meesh21

    Rockford University

    It took about a week or two because they were waiting for my transcripts to come in.
  7. Meesh21

    Rockford University

    Yeah, I have already applied for admission and they have accepted me. All my classes transfer, the only thing I need to do now is take the TEAS, which I'm really nervous for. I have the ATI study manual so hopefully that will help me score well. I'll be taking the test by the end of this month so that I could see how i score before admissions to the nursing program is due. Keeping my fingers crossed that I only have to take it once!
  8. Meesh21

    Rockford University

    Hi all, I am currently studying for my TEAS test to apply to rockford university in illinois. I was just wondering if anyone is accepted into their nursing program. If so, what was your gpa and TEAS score. my gpa is around 3.1-3.2 so I am kind of worried about getting into the program. thank you!
  9. Meesh21

    Rockford University

    i was just wondering what your guys TEAS score was and gpa. thank you!
  10. Meesh21

    McHenry County College

    I thought MCC was accredited by the state.. I could be wrong though
  11. Meesh21

    McHenry County College

    I thought MCC was accredited by the state.. I could be wrong though
  12. Meesh21

    McHenry County College

    Hello everyone. I was just wondering if there is anyone out there that is in the Mchenry County College nursing program? I want to apply for the spring of 2017 start date and I was just wondering how hard it is to get in. I know that community colleges may be harder to get into sometimes because of the cost of the program. I have two more classes to take for me to be eligible to apply. I just don't want to take those two classes and not get in because then I would have to wait even longer to start a program.
  13. Meesh21

    Anxious and waiting on acceptance into nursing school

    How do you like westerns program? I'm trying to find more information about it!:)
  14. Meesh21


    How did you like westerns nursing program ? I am looking everywhere for information about their program !