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  1. Best Direct Entry MS/MSN?

    this is an old convo that has been beaten to death on these forums. There are TONS of direct entry programs across the nation. Please don't derail the OP's question with an old, worn out topic, just go search other threads if you want to discuss your...
  2. Best Direct Entry MS/MSN?

    One piece of advice I can give is to look at the curriculum of potential programs and make sure it lines up with what you're hoping to learn. Best of luck!
  3. applying to direct entry MSN

    Shadowing counted for huge points when I applied, just be sure you shadow whatever position you're applying to the program for, and clinical experience in general, even just volunteer work, seemed to carry a fair amount of weight.
  4. 75 questions, ~19 SATA

    The whole SATA thing is a myth, I got only 3 and passed in 75. Shutting off at 75 is almost always a good sign from what I've seen. Good luck!
  5. Wouldn't it make more sense to have all nurses become Rn's first?

    This is very difficult to understand, what is your question?
  6. LPN vs RN (career advice needed)

    If you have the resources to do it, go for the RN, much wider range of job options, wider scope of practice, and higher wages. There's nothing wrong with pursuing your LPN, it just affords you less professional opportunity.
  7. Question for current NP Students...

    What specialty are you going for?
  8. Texas biology grad looking into Nursing!

    Have you looked into UT's Aemsn program? 2 1/2 to 3 years total, but you get your RN in 1 year and can work for the remainder of the program.
  9. Austin, TX job market?

    I commute to Austin from kyle, if you plan ahead to dodge traffic it's only a 30 minute drive, from San Marcos it's about 40. If you get caught in traffic it's considerably longer, of course, but living in Buda/Kyle/San Marcos is very doable with a ...
  10. Austin, TX job market?

    There are plenty of positions, but Austin is highly saturated with nurses. We have something like 5 nursing schools in Austin, I think 3(?) of these have FNP programs and just down the road in San Marcos TX State is pumping out FNPs as well and many,...
  11. Psych NNP - New grad outlook

    It's always area specific, but in general yes the outlook is very good
  12. Master's level pharmacology?! wowza!

    Listen to podcasts in your car, in the shower, while you exercise, whenever you would've normally listened to music. Study EVERY day for at least an hour. Find a study partner and quiz each other for a couple hours 2-3 times before the exam. Adv ph...
  13. Most active psych NP jobs?

    Working for a third party agency that has you managing patients in several facilities involves a lot of running around, I enjoyed a semester working with a preceptor who this. You also get a good variety of patients this way.
  14. Free time in between Bachelors

    I' definitely talk to a director or a higher-up in the program. Denying you that late only means they're losing money. Well, if you can't work, you can volunteer, study? Get an nclex review book and start working through it so you'll be ready to ro...
  15. RN after PhD?

    PA or direct entry APRN would more likely be to your liking given your education. If you really do have your heart set on being an RN, I have the same question as others, what about it appeals to you?