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  1. justeen

    Rady Children's New Grad RN Residency Spring 2019

    Yay! Is the wait killing you like it’s killing me?? Haha
  2. justeen

    Rady Children's New Grad RN Residency Spring 2019

    The wait is killing me
  3. justeen

    Ohio State Master's Entry Summer 2016

    I'm constantly checking my email ;/
  4. justeen

    Western University of Health Science MSN Entry Level 2016

    Oh nice! That was not like last year then. No, I applied to 6 schools. I heard from 3 and got accepted into them (NYU, U of Miami, and Union U). Western would be my top choice cause it is close to home.
  5. justeen

    Western University of Health Science MSN Entry Level 2016

    Is this regarding an interview? Last year, I got my interview notification in February. I did not hear anything in December....I think they got around 400 applicants and 200 were granted interviews last year..
  6. justeen

    NYU Spring 2016

    I got accepted too! Congratulations to everyone! Does anyone know the actual full price of the program and does that include room and board?
  7. I received my acceptance in the mail!
  8. justeen

    University of San Diego MEPN 2016

    Does anyone know when they start sending out statuses?
  9. I just got accepted!! SO excited!
  10. justeen

    Union University Spring 2016 ABSN

    I got accepted, as well!! Is there a Facebook group for the cohort??
  11. Hey Everyone! I just wanted to see if anyone has applied and heard from Union University's Spring 2016 cohort at Hendersonville! I am from California and went to school at University of Hawaii at Manoa! I think UU would be an awesome school to further my education!
  12. justeen

    Union University ABSN Spring 2015

    Hello! I was wondering what your gpa was! I am applying to the spring 2016 cohort at Hendersonville! How do you like it?! I just need to pay for my application and the waiting game begins! I will be coming from California so any tips would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!!
  13. Hello! I am applying for the Hendersonville campus for the spring of next year and curious to see the gpas of the ones that got accepted. This is my number one school and would love more info! Thank you!
  14. justeen

    Western University MSN-E 2015 Applicants

    Does anyone know how many people were put on the alternate list? I just called the other day and they said the incoming class is still not set and stone yet...
  15. Has anyone taken Microbiology through University of Phoenix? Is it tough to keep up with?