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  1. GTCC Fall 2015 ADN

    Well I hope there wasn't a mix up and they didn't have me in or something. I don't know, I thought it was weird. Maybe I should reply and make sure everything is ok. I also found my immunization records, but my last shots were in 1990 and I'm old eno...
  2. GTCC Fall 2015 ADN

    Sheesh. I could tell it was going to get expensive ( still thankful that I'm in!) I have to start working on it today, I'm hoping its attached to my high school transcripts. I know that it was at some point but I'll have to wait for my school in GA t...
  3. GTCC Fall 2015 ADN

    I was thinking.. This medical form has a place for the flu shot, I haven't had one in two years and flu season is fall-spring. Wouldn't it be silly to get one now just for the form? I wonder how they handle that, because I believe I would need anothe...
  4. GTCC Fall 2015 ADN

    Yes! Finally the mail came! I was accepted! 😃
  5. GTCC Fall 2015 ADN

    Mailchimp, has yours come in the mail yet? I guess if I do not get something in the mail tomorrow then I will call. Molly1234, what is the deadline to turn in the acceptance slip?
  6. GTCC Fall 2015 ADN

    Ah! I had my brother-in-law check the mail, and I didn't get anything yet!
  7. GTCC Fall 2015 ADN

    Nothing in my mailbox today.. I was really hoping it would come, I'm leaving for the beach in a few minutes, so you guys be sure to let me know when you get yours- I will have someone check my mail that day so I will know! Good luck.
  8. GTCC Fall 2015 ADN

    Fewer applicants would be a good thing, for sure :) I have 42 points. With 80 seats I am sure that we are all probably ok. A year ago, a girl that I know got in 2 weeks before the semester started with only 20 points. She was told that so many people...
  9. GTCC Fall 2015 ADN

    Clinicals are done at Cone, Wesley Long, LeBauer, High Point Regional, Women's Hospital ( if they can get arrangements) and at some point during the program field trips to the burn center at Duke or Chapel Hill. Sometimes there are other offices list...
  10. 2015 Fall ADN-GTCC

    Awesome, thank you! I had a friend that just got accepted for this past spring semester and she had 40points. I know that each time will vary, but I'm hoping that's a common ballpark.
  11. 2015 Fall ADN-GTCC

    Hello! Tomorrow is the deadline for Fall semester applications! I am anxiously awaiting the news, as I'm sure you all are. I just wanted to hear from you all, and curious to know what your final point amount was. I wish you all the best of luck, hope...
  12. 2015 Fall Nursing-GTCC

    Hello! So tomorrow is the deadline for Fall '15 applicants at GTCC! I'm anxious to hear the outcome, as I'm sure you all are! I just wanted to hear from the rest of you, and what your final point amount was. I hope we all get in.. Good luck!!!