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SunSandSurf ADN, MSN

Instructional Design, Education, Emergency Nursing
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SunSandSurf is a ADN, MSN and specializes in Instructional Design, Education, Emergency Nursing.

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  1. SunSandSurf

    Graduating MSN Education....now what?

    I'm getting ready to graduate with my MSN in education. I did an RN to MSN program. I worked at a nurse in the ED for several years. Then I worked in training and development as an instructional designer for a few years. I'm hoping to blend together the two things I love, nursing and educating. I'm just very lost about what jobs to even apply for. Everyone says working as an educator at a hospital pays better, but it will require commuting to the hospital Monday-Friday. Working in academia would allow me to keep the same schedule as my young daughter, but the pay sounds like it's pretty lousy. Can I even apply for any of these jobs or do I have to wait until I take the CNE exam? I live in the Cleveland Ohio area. So if anyone has specific recommendations that would be appreciated. I would love to work online but I can't figure out which institutions are worth my time, they all have different pay/work structures. Any help or advice is greatly appreciated.
  2. SunSandSurf

    Do you share teaching materials with other professors?

    It sounds like you work at a great place. I saw one of your other posts about your schedule and pay. I'm like you, I'm a mom and I want the flexibility to work during the academic school year. I know you work at a state school, but what state are you in? I live in Ohio, but I don't believe our state schools are part of the teacher's retirement and benefits. I'm currently searching for a job and organization that would suit my needs. Working collaboratively on materials sounds like the cream of the crop.

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