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  1. nursingcrib


    What are the challenges you may face in a newly opened HDU (high dependency care, critical care unit) and how would you overcome these? I need general ideas So i can further research, I don't need full answers.
  2. nursingcrib

    Hdu and intensive care

    yes. so i am thinking budget will be one, but can't think of anymore to research
  3. nursingcrib

    Hdu and intensive care

    What are the challenges you may face in a newly opened HDU and how would you overcome these?
  4. nursingcrib


    im applying for mentorship, but having difficulty in what to say for my supporting information, personal statement.. does anyone have any suggestions or can show me their supporting information so i can get on the right track...
  5. nursingcrib

    dissertation help!

    I'm about to start my dissertation and am planning to do it on 'family presence during CPR in accident and emergency'. does anyone have or seen any good articles relating to this topic?
  6. nursingcrib

    personal development plans

    has anyone got an example of a personal development plan i can look at please?? would be a great help!
  7. nursingcrib


    Hi fellow nurses! I am about to embark on my dissertation. i know i want to do it on the emotional impact multiple sclerosis has on their activities of daily living.. but i am finding it hard to locate articles that are relevant to the topic.. anyone have any tips or articles?67
  8. nursingcrib

    septic shock

    I understand that, but to to help improve oxygenation, respiratory mechanics, alveolar inflation, lung volume, drainage and secretions and to reduce ventilator associated injury is it a good idea to put someone on their side whilst doing your assessment to relieve some of the symptoms of hyperventilation and to decrease the amount the patient has to work to breath wasting valuable energy and easing patient distress....
  9. nursingcrib

    septic shock

    does it help to lay a patient with septic shock on their side to facilitate lung expansion?
  10. nursingcrib

    Anti discriminatory practice reflection

    like perhaps a nurse not treating them fairly or with dignity because of their dementia?
  11. nursingcrib

    Anti discriminatory practice reflection

    I need to do a reflection based on anti-discriminatory practice with an older adult that has dementia, however i'm finding it hard to come up with a scenario, because so far all i have had is good experiences.. can anyone suggest a scenario
  12. nursingcrib

    year 2 written evidence essay!

    Hi everyone, i'm finding it hard to compile a scenario on the older adult focusing on safeguarding for a reflection essay.. any suggestions?