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  1. isuan

    Uab rn-msn summer 2017

    So i will be starting the. Rn-msn program in summer. I will be taking patho, leadership and community nursing. I am scared because i took physiology in the summer and made a c and to take the adv patho in summer brings back memories. I work 3 12s, married with a kid and i just need input from others who have taken these classes.
  2. isuan

    UAB MSN Orientation

    I am surprised you are yet to get instructions. Whats your email address so i can forward you details
  3. isuan

    job interview

    I am in 2nd semester nursing school and work as a pct. I was invited for 2 interviews as a pct which I was pretty sure I nailed but sadly I didn't. I was asked similar questions in both interviews so I am sure it must be something I said that disqualified me. I gave examples of situations I had with patients. Is that considered hippa violation although I didn't mention names