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  1. LeNurse14

    Passed NCLEX with 265! God is good!

    Thank you! WOW, you've finished NP school... you're amazing! I'm thinking of going to NP school but later down the road. As for the exam, just knock out of the water 🙂 You got it!
  2. LeNurse14

    Passed NCLEX with 265! God is good!

    Thank you! 🙂 I just had my first day of orientation today. I'm ready to "SHINE"! The Light of the world!
  3. LeNurse14

    Passed NCLEX with 265! God is good!

    I passed with 265 questions.
  4. LeNurse14

    Passed NCLEX with 265! God is good!

    Background about me, I was never an "A" student and I struggled through nursing school. I'm the type that if I don't study, I won't pass. I graduated in the end of December and took my NCLEX the beginning of February. I also had a job lined up so passing was my top priority. I want you to know that it is possible to pass the NCLEX with 265 questions! God is good, all the time! During the NCLEX, I knew the answer to the very first questions... and the rest of the test was history. It was all a blur! When I got to question 150, I knew I was in it for the long run! I had a lot of priority, 30-40 SATA, delegation, legal issues, meds, maybe 3 cardiac strips (know ECG strips and what to do), 2 calc (know 1oz= 30mL, 1 cup= 8 oz), 2 drag and drop (know procedures) and I can't remember the rest. My second to last question was SATA and my last question was a risk factor question. Encouraging Bible verses: The song I listened to for comfort: Oceans by Hillsong UNITED (I also heard it on the radio driving to the testing center!) 🙂 Studying for the NCLEX: *I PAYED FOR THE KAPLAN CLASSROOM $500 but got a coupon for $150 off (PREVENTION150). Kaplan Classroom I'm not sure if this was the reason I passed but I felt like it prepared me for the long 6 hours exam. I used the Decision Tree when I was stuck on questions and had no idea what the answer was. I practiced about 150-200q a day. The content i didn't know on a question, I would refer back to the free Kaplan kindle book that came with my Kaplan purchase (Utilize it!) I also reviewed three content videos that were in my weakest categories. (Pharm. and Parenteral therapies, basic care and comfort, and psychosocial integrity) My scores were horrible! But it was helpful to go over the rationales and why that answer choice is correct or better than the others. Kaplan recommended you to get above 60% on trainer 5&6 and q banks. As you can see, I did not reach 60%. Don't be discourage by the low scores (I know I was), review the rationales WATCH this video for encouragement (I watched about 50 times): NurseNacole I waited a week before the test to take Trainer 7. Diagnostic: 52% Readiness: 58% Trainer 1: 59% Trainer 2: 45% Trainer 3: 51% Trainer 4: 53% Trainer 5: 50% Trainer 6: 53% Trainer 7 (265q w/ 360 min): 55% Sample 1: 52% Sample 2: 60% Sample 3 (all priority): 73% Sample 4 (all SATA): 42% Qbank average (I did all of it!): 60% = 150q/day SATA q (click on "all resources" and then click on "alternate quiz type"): 25% After I finished the Qbanks, I retested the one I got incorrect by category. (ex: psych, management of care, etc.) + 35 pages study guide on this website (I didn't finish reading all 35 pages because it was so long!) https://allnurses.com/nclex-study-guide-question-t403585/ PDA LaCharity quizlet 106 questions... https://quizlet.com/57037750/prioritization-delegation-and-assignment-practice-exercises-for-the-nclex-examination-flash-cards/ Kaplan q bank app Study break every hour: eating, playing Destiny on Xbox, watched YouTube videos, watched FRIENDS on Netflix, and more eating My scores: Quiz #1: 60% Quiz #2: 80% Quiz #3: 90% My school provided ATI and I only did the med/surg questions I hope this helps and give you hope! You can do it!!!