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ChronicSG specializes in Oncology.

Just a guy that's interested in many fields as of now. Graduated May 23rd!

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  1. Hello everyone, I wanted your opinion on my situation. I currently work for a facility that trained me for their ICU and made me sign a 3 year contract. I came to this institution because it is part of the academic institution that I was accepted to to continue my education as an NP. However, I was not wise enough at the time to ask pertinent questions during my interview. So now I'm in an institution with a high turn over rate; 8 nurses in the last month, and with minimal support from management. Issues with the hospital, 10 week ICU training program for 3 year commitment, NOW states they will not accomadate schedules for school when they used too, promises time and a half for disaster pay during disaster events but once the disaster is over tells you that they will only be paying the standard over time, constant 3:1 patient nurse ratio, mid shift floating, lack of CNA, constant cancellations during low census, Unit leaders that always seem to busy to help even with lack of codes throughout the shift even while the depts are getting bombarded with post ops or admissions, and management that's really only visible when something is wrong with the way staff is doing something or a huddle. Now my question for you is this. I honestly wouldn't mind staying at this point because their benefits aren't too bad and I do like the majority of the bedside staff, however, this facility does not provide part time and I would like benefits. And the issue with per diem is if their is ever a low census, I'm pretty screwed due to lack of PTO and since you are first to be cancelled leading to me being unable to pay my bills. I'm already being called for part time positions in various ICUs and their HR teams are aware of my purpose to return to school and acceptance and my lack of motivation to leave their hospital for the next 3 years because of this. I'm just feeling guilty because of the massive amount of turn over in the last month and I don't hate my manager or supervisor. Should I just stay in this position and try to tough it out for school or take the part time job should it be offered to better accommodate for my education. What are your takes on this? At this point I wouldn't even care paying back the penalty for breaking contract however, HR doesn't seem to pursue those who left in the past froom my understanding. Thanks!
  2. ChronicSG

    AACN online review course

    Has anyone ever taken the AACN online review course? I want to start studying for the CCRN just because I feel like it would make me more competent in the NICU since I barely have 6 months experience and my prior background is 1.5 years of oncology. I've tried reading the pass ccrn text but I honestly benefit from a structured class. Any constructive feedback is appreciated! ChronicSG RN, BSN
  3. ChronicSG

    What to do when you fear going to work?

    Thanks a lot for the support guys. I'll definitely take your words to heart. At the end of the day, the job gets done. As long as they're safe, that's what matters to me!
  4. ChronicSG

    What to do when you fear going to work?

    Hey guys, thanks for all the advice. I had a chance to get a decent break today and really enjoyed reading all your advice today. I'll take it into mind for the rest of my career. And yes. I'm a new RN shy of 2 months experience. It's overwhelming but I just felt like I couldn't handle anymore as tried to sleep the day before my shift. Today was good though and I got to see where my weaknesses are. There are things that are nice to do on my shift, then there's the things that NEED to be done on my shift. It's all a matter of prioritization and completing the task that my patients absolutely need, I guess I understood today that I just can't do everything. Today was the best day to learn that so I'm thankful. Much appreciated ladies and gents!
  5. ChronicSG

    What to do when you fear going to work?

    Thanks for the advice guys!
  6. I can't help but feel fear of going to work sometimes. Sometimes I go there hoping I don't mess up or make a mistake that can kill someone. I always tell my self to take my time and just try to be as safe and effective as I possibly can. I tell my self that every time a patient and their family get mad and lash out at me, that I can't blame them and that its just a response to their hospitalization. I tell my self that no matter what, at the end of the day I did the best I could and had my patient's back. However, I always have a small voice in the back of my head that keeps demoralizing me and makes me feel that I'll never be up to par to the other nurses I work with. What's worse, my orientation will be over with another 2-3 weeks. I try to stay mentally strong, but I believe my fear lies in that strength during out on me, something that I always took pride in. I write this at this hour, hoping that this venting will help me sleep for what lies ahead tomorrow, and that my higher power continues to provide me with that strength to get through another day.
  7. ChronicSG

    Barry CRNA Starting 2016

    Thanks a lot for your responses guys! Now I just have to hope I find a CRNA at my hospital. They're are impossible to find!
  8. ChronicSG

    Barry CRNA Starting 2016

    Hey guys! I know this isn't the topic of the post, but I was wondering if any of you guys have had the opportunity to shadow a CRNA? I wanted to do this just so I could know this is the right career choice for me. Thanks!
  9. ChronicSG

    Physician can supervise your practice

    You're welcome here doc!
  10. ChronicSG

    New grad, new job in oncology

    So I finally start tomorrow with a preceptor! Let's just say though that I started goin. To my unit ahead of time to meet the nurses. They're all seeming to be fantastic. They're already warning me though about the sickle cell patients...
  11. ChronicSG

    UGH, I want to find my niche already!

    Although those are two very important aspects in one's job, I never felt they were the most important thing to look out for. There's a balance. Quite frankly, if I don't like what I do for a living, what's the point of living? However, if money is what makes you feel alive, more power to you! As long as a patient is being cared for, who cares why you do it.
  12. ChronicSG

    A less stressfull career choice

    This sounds like my hospital in FL J. I won't disclose anything else aside from that. I wish you the best though considering I am also going through an orientation M. Honestly though, the rules aren't what I'm concerned about H. I can't wait to get to working with real patients.
  13. ChronicSG

    UGH, I want to find my niche already!

    Currently doing Oncology @Rose_Queen! But it has been 2 weeks worth of orientation and haven't gotten my feet wet. Get on the unit tuesday 8/4/2015. Been seeing all the different vascular access devices we're gonna use, and all those potent drugs as well. Definitely looking forward to it! I'm like a sponge and have liked everything in school so far, just want to see what I love. Haven't had that "THIS IS IT!" moment I guess. The closest to that was Cath lab when I saw a glimpse of it in my preceptorship when I went off the tele unit. It's amazing seeing them scrub in, use all those awesome tools, see the re-initialization of cardiac perfusion etc. I guess I'm a very visual person and these hands on skills are where it's at for me! Honestly, I wish I hadn't know about CRNA, I'm the kind of person that doesn't want to just look at the money, but it is enticing. If i hadn't, i probably would have been going around everywhere! But because of it, I want to get into the ICU as soon as I can, shadow one, and rule out whether it's for me or not. TOO MUCH opportunity in nursing!
  14. ChronicSG

    UGH, I want to find my niche already!

    I always get so jealous of all these nurses that have practiced in a specific field for eons and become experts within them... I just started, and I know it's something that takes time but damn I'm impatient -___- i wish i didn't like everything I rotated through (except psych 😂). How long did it take all of you to find your niche in nursing? Hoping to find mine soon 😁
  15. ChronicSG

    Beard for interviews?

    I interviewed with my well groomed beard and got hired at a major teaching hospital!
  16. ChronicSG

    Poll: Nurse and law enforcement couples

    Nope, but I would love to find a young hot female cop 😉