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  1. RClarkRN

    Insight on different Nursing fields

    Hi there-I have been a cardiac telemetry nurse for 3 years (basically same clientele and pace as med/surg), and I'm feeling the same way. Unsure of how difficult it will be to get into a specialty without being a new grad.
  2. RClarkRN

    Bay Area (CA) Nursing Jobs

    Hello there, I just recently moved from the North Bay (Santa Rosa) to the East Bay (Walnut Creek) and am in the market for a position within a 30 minute commute from WC. I have three years experience in a cardiac telemetry/step-down unit. Hospitals in the area I've considered applying to are Kaiser Walnut Creek, John Muir, Contra Costa Regional, and Alta Bates. Does anyone have experience with these hospitals or others in the area they could share? This includes hiring process and satisfaction with your position. Thanks so much! RC