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  1. cadavatar

    National university Los angeles cohort 13

    I scored an 83 on the teas and had a 3.5 gps
  2. cadavatar

    Can You Live Off A CNA's Pay? Do you?

    I am a CNA in california working at a hospital, i do not make 20 an hour. Though i have heard that bigger hospitals start at like 16 an hour
  3. cadavatar

    CNA "patient abandonment"

    If they did this then they are open to a lawsuit
  4. I just got accepted to the National University Los Angeles campus nursing program starting in april, and was wondering if anyone else has gotten accepted?
  5. cadavatar

    National University April 2015

    I just recieved my acceptance letter for the april 2015 nursing program at the Los Angeles campus. I have a 3.55 gpa in the science and math classes and a score of 83 on the teas.