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  1. mandymae92

    Like job, hate city

    I moved to a new city for a job in February earlier this year. I am overall enjoying my job though I do have the ups and downs of being a new nurse as expected and am adjusting to the role. However, I HATE the city I live in. I have tried to be positive the last 6 months and be open minded but I am exhausted from it. I do not have a support system here, it's been tough to meet people who I click with, and in general the culture is just not one I am adjusted to (I am from a bigger city and this is small town). I have moved around a bit in my twenties-studying abroad, nursing school, undergraduate etc. and have always been able to figure it out and find my spot but where I am now, is just not a fit for me. I do not regret my overall move here but I feel anxious and bitter about being here. I am trying to avoid the grass is greener on the other side mentality but what should I do? I am trying to decide if I should just leave after I get that year of experience or if I need to give it more time? I also recognize that I may land a job in a city I do enjoy but who knows if I will even enjoy it. Thanks for any advice!
  2. mandymae92

    Illinois Masonic February 2017

    Just heard today! Small world!
  3. mandymae92

    Advocate Masonic 2017 Residency

    I just heard from them today for an interview! Good luck to you!!
  4. Hello! Anyone else applied to Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center residency cohort beginning this February? I haven't heard anything yet and wanted to see if anyone else had! Thanks!