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  1. Hello! I am seeking some advice from the allnurses community. I have worked for just about 2 years on a transplant floor at a well-known hospital. My benefits are good, my boss is really great, and I like my floor as a whole. I unfortunately do not like the city the job is in. I have really tried for the past 2 years to make it home and have decided I am ready for a change especially now that I have 2 years of experience. Here comes the tough part- I feel the bar was set high with this first job and it makes me nervous to venture out. I have thought about ICU being something I'd like to try but I am finding that so many places want experience. I have thought about travel nursing but it would be as a medical-surgical nurse and I feel like my unit was so specialized and I am finding myself being picky in the fact that a lot of medical-surgical floors would not interest me. I also need to practice some skills because the hospital I work at has lots of resources so I have not put in an IV since nursing school. We also have favorable ratios though we do have less help from PCAs. I really like the transplant specialty but am feeling like it is too soon to become a coordinator or something of that sort. I also like the idea of ending up in public health, but once again, feel like I still have the energy and desire for floor nursing. I recognize I may just need to take a risk on another med-surg floor or as a travel RN but does anyone have advice? I just don't want to get turned away from nursing as a whole though I know I could also discover something I love without even knowing it. I am also taking into account the possible cities I could move to with family and friends in mind or even just starting over somewhere completely new. I also am desiring a well-known hospital with a good reputation since I come from that (ie not a rural community hospital). So many thoughts I know and maybe overthinking but I guess I just want to further my career and also my adult life and don't know what the best way to do that is. Thanks so much for reading and any/all advice is much appreciated :).