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    Acute Dialysis as a New Grad?

    Hi everyone! So I just became licensed a couple months ago, and I would say I'm pretty early in my job application game (less than 20 jobs applied). I applied to DaVita for an acute position just to see what happens (my priority was finding a job in med-surg/telemetry/step down), and I just got a job offer for an acute RN position. I thought it would've been more interesting compared to being in a clinic all day, and that I could learn a lot being in an acute setting. I've read a lot of threads on here talking about the pros and cons of both acute and chronic. Most of them talk about chronic though. I know people talk about dialysis being good experience regardless of it being highly specialized. However, I'm still in school trying to get my BSN, and the crazy hours, plus being on-call, is kind of deterring me away from this position. I even asked how often I would need to be on call, and I didn't get a straight forward answer, just the fact that I would need to be as flexible as possible. Plus, the pay isn't as great as I thought it was going to be for an acute position. But I'm from Southern CA, so the job market is already incredibly saturated, and I'm scared that if I decline the offer I won't find a job for another several months. Anyone else started as a new grad in my position? Can you just shed some light on what your personal experiences are/were? Even seasoned nurses, can you tell me if this is doable for someone with little to no healthcare experience.