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    ABS and BS in Nursing

    You have many inaccuracies in your statements. You can absolutely write BSN if you have a BS in Nursing. IF an employer lists BSN a BS in Nursing is absolutely permitted. The research you should have done should have come from the agencies that accredit nursing programs. The CCNE considers both degrees absolutely equal. The degree does not determine the clinical hours required. Clinical hours are determined by the accrediting agencies and the state board of nursing. all programs must be within requirements. All programs must adhere to the accrediting agency guidelines.. the CCNE lists the baccalaureate essentials and all programs receiving accreditation from the CCNE must incorporate all the essentials to be accredited. You cannot have a program that is more "theory research" based.. at the undergraduate baccalaureate level. All programs must adhere to the same standards. Look into the AACN CCNE requirements. All graduates sit for the same licensing exam, all must meet the same requirements if they are baccalaureate degree granting programs. Cooper, CHOP Penn, Jeff, all employ many Rutgers Camden graduates.. as Rutgers Camden has been in existence for 30 years in its current location granting the BS in Nursing degree. Many of the best programs in the country offer the BS in Nursing .. including Johns Hopkins. I am uncertain why you are trying to discredit the Rutgers program. It is an exceptional program with exceptional faculty. It has been around for a long time and is very well respected. I am proud to be a Rutgers Camden graduate.