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  1. CEN study tips

    I did the Solheim review course online. I chose the $50 per month version and studied for one month. Passed no problem. For my TCRN I took an in class review. I found that helpful. If you are getting an 80% on your practice exams you are golden to go...
  2. BCEN Honorary Certification Award help

    Does anyone have experience submitting letter to get awards for your facility? I am submitting one for mine and have not written one before. Any help is appreciated.
  3. Trauma Nursing - TCRN

    Those that have taken the TCRN exam, what do you feel is the best way to study? Review TNCC, ATLS, attend a Jeff Solehiem class, etc..
  4. ER wait times

    At our hospital we do educate patients on Acuity and that the most sick are seen first. We have also created a pamphlet for our lobby to explain the entire process from when they check in to when they are discharged or admitted and what they can expe...
  5. Nursing report ED to Floor

    I am curious to get some feedback on some processes that work well for those in nursing in regards to report from the ED. What processes work well in your facility? Does the ED call you, do you call them, do they send an SBAR?
  6. IV Pumps

    Our hospital is in the process of possibly switching vendors for IV pumps. Curious what other facilities are using and pros and cons. What department do you work in and what pump system do you use? (Baxter, Hospira, Care Infusion etc..
  7. Mens Scrubs

    Carhartt ripstop scrubs for sure. Mine have lasted over two years working in the ED. Lots of pockets and easy to move around in. Best part is they have a zip fly.
  8. Anyone else feel this way?

    I still find it amusing when I walk into a patients room and they assume I am the doctor just because I am a male. The stereotype set in place many years ago will never be broken down.
  9. TNCC exam

    If it is anything like the TNCC class I took just take good notes. Depending on the instructor, they cover every answer on the test. You will do great!
  10. New grad ER nurse

    Take TNCC. I took it as a new grad in my first month starting in the ED and felt that is had a great benefit to myself and it was required by my hospital. Also taking ACLS, PALS, and ENPC will help you better prepare.
  11. What is your ER like.....need advice?

    The ED I work in is a Level II Trauma Center. We are 1:4 for acute, 1:3 for critical, and 1:1 for Traumas. We see about 100-150 patients per day. We have 7 critical beds, 5 trauma bays, 16 acute beds, 3 beds for simple stuff like finger lac, stuffy n...