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  1. Make sure you can work ratio and proportion problems quickly. I almost ran out of time. But I'm a slow test taker. There are tons of converting between units of the metric system and know basic household conversions. Practice word problems too. They give you a calculator on your computer, so the math isn't too difficult. English, make sure you know basic English stuff. Like parts of a sentence. Ugh. The spelling got me. And picking out which sentence is written correctly. know correct forms of words in the past present and future. And plural and singular forms of words that go with the rest of the sentence. The vocabulary part was rough. Make sure to google vocabulary words for hesi and know the ones out of the book. Goodluck
  2. It's really going to depend on your GPA and hesi score. They do give extra points for taking classes at Brcc. But it your hesi and GPA is high, you have a great chance of getting in. There are tons of people that have gotten in with out taking all their classes at Brcc.
  3. they definitely do not take 3.0's anymore. I had a friend that applied with me and she had a 3.4 and a 92 on the hesi and didn't get in. The GPA weighs the heaviest. Then hesi. Then they give extra points for taking classss at Brcc. I had a 4.0 and everyone of my friends had a hesi score in the 90's, mine was 88. I was terrified and went and talked to the dean. And she told me your GPA is the main thing. No one that got in for my group had below a 3.5.
  4. Hi! I got the hesi review book from the bookstore at Brcc. It's the closest thing to the hesi that you'll find. I was so nervous for the hesi. I heard so many different things from so many people that I didn't know if I should be nervous or if it was going to be really easy. And I can honesty say it pretty much average. Definitely review the hesi book because the stuff on the test is from high school. Some people could go into it and not review at all and did great some tried that and they were absolutely devastated and left out crying. So it's better to be safe than sorry. If you review the book material and go online and do the free stuff just to make sure you have a good underhanding of everything, then you will do fine on the test. The loosest that got in for my group was a 3.5 and 87ish. But it's different for every group. I've heard the scores are higher now, so try to do your best. Your GPA weighs the heaviest, then the hesi and then they give extra points for classes that you've taken at BRCC. Goodluck
  5. RNtobe17

    Acceptance/Rejection Letter

    4.0 and 88 on the hesi
  6. RNtobe17

    Medsurg one (adult nursing) and mental health

    Thanks so much. This is really going to help me. I appreciate you all taking your time out to help and give really great advice. This is why I love all nurses
  7. RNtobe17

    Finished my first semester of nursing school

    Oh, ok. That's pretty neat. Having health assessment and pharm before fundamentals is really going to help you out for fundamentals.
  8. RNtobe17

    Finished my first semester of nursing school

    What is a part time track?
  9. RNtobe17

    Finished my first semester of nursing school

    I'm going into my second semester. I'm in a two year program, RN- ASN.
  10. I am starting medsurg and mental health on January 13th, and I'm a little nervous. I know it is going to be a very hard semester, and I was wondering if anyone would be willing to give me some advice?!? Are there any books that helped you out? Any resources that would make it a little easier? Any advice and help will be greatly greatly appreciated from the bottom of my heart.
  11. RNtobe17

    Finished my first semester of nursing school

    That's awesome. I wish you the best of luck.
  12. RNtobe17

    Finished my first semester of nursing school

    Thank you:) I am fully embracing every second of my break haha But I do have to admit I am doing a little preparing for next semester .. I can't help myself.
  13. RNtobe17

    Finished my first semester of nursing school

    I am at Baton Rouge community college, in the registered nurse program. :)
  14. I just finished my first semester of nursing school and it feel AAAAMAZING!!! This was the hardest, funnest, most emotional semester of my life ... And I loved every second of it. The torture is real, but the reward is just as real. I have learned SO MUCH, I'm like a whole new person. Clinicals are a blast and kept me motived to read and study. The patients I was assigned, I will remember for the rest of my life! The patient that I gave my first shot to, the patient I gave my first acucheck to... Their faces are imprinted in my mind and I'll be forever grateful to them for allowing me to practice and learn on them. My teachers, and fellow nursing students were my rocks... And I wouldn't have made it without them. For those that are applying to nursing school, work your hardest and don't ever give up, every bit of suffering is worth it. For those starting, get ready for a rough ride, and the best ride of your life.
  15. It's going great. I love it. It's a lot of fun and I'm learning a lot of super cool stuff. It's much different than all classes I've ever taken. It's not really like school anymore, it's more like a training camp. It was rough at first because I had to adjust to the new style of things. But I'm getting the hang of it now. You are going to love it and realize you worked hard to get into nursing school and it was worth it.
  16. I don't know anyone personally that is applying for 2016 but if you ask around while in your prerequisite classes, you'll find lots of people. I knew half the class when I started nursing school because I did that. Haha