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itseuniceskie has 11 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in ENT,General,Paediatric Surgery, Obs Gynae, Ortho.

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  1. itseuniceskie

    NCLEX Arizona Guide For Foreign Educated Nurses 2016

    Hi, your case is a bit complicated, although being a U.S. permanent resident and having a SSN is an advantage, the fact that you got a BSN in the Philippines may delay your att because IELTS is a primary requirement for Foreign Educated Nurses taking the NCLEX.. Therefore, you should keep on trying to reach out to AZBN.. Since you already have access to the portal, use the mail system, they should be able to respond to you quickly.
  2. itseuniceskie

    NCLEX Arizona Guide For Foreign Educated Nurses 2016

    Thank you,, The AZBN has a different code for the fp card, you can request it via their website, it usually takes 3-4weeks for the fp cards to arrive..
  3. itseuniceskie

    NCLEX Arizona Guide For Foreign Educated Nurses 2016

    att is only good for 3 months.. Sorry for the long delay..
  4. itseuniceskie

    NCLEX Arizona Guide For Foreign Educated Nurses 2016

    Hi Mr Marcky,  Curriculum and experience-wise, I would suggest Arizona (Azbn) since I did not have any problems with my application.. In addition, I find the staff really accommodating and helpful so that made it a lot easier for me to get my ATT.. However, Azbn requires a higher band in the Ielts academic whilst Texas is slightly lower , although they have the Nursing Jurisprudence (Texas) exam which is also a requirement before you can sit for the NCLEX. If you have an IELTS 7.0 in all bands, go for AZBN.. I haven’t been active for ages, so please, do message me if you have more questions.. Thanks!
  5. itseuniceskie

    NCLEX Arizona Guide For Foreign Educated Nurses 2016

    Hello, creating an account on azbn.gov doesn't weigh much here, especially if you are a foreign educated nurse, I applied thru paper application,, please read the instruction packet, its all in there. Regarding the fingerprint card for criminal background check, I contacted them thru email to send it via post..
  6. itseuniceskie

    illinois fingerprinting

    Hi, I think all fingerprint card can be processed by a law enforcing agency, I did my first fp card in Philippines, at NBI Taft main office for free with no hassle. Now that I am presently working in UK, I am in the process of endorsing my US license to another state, I went to the Philippine Embassy to have it sorted since they also process NBI clearance for OFWs, I submitted the fp card and was accepted by Identogo (Morphotrust USA,criminal background check agency for my chosen state). Hope this helps!
  7. itseuniceskie

    Application for NCLEX for State of Texas

    There should be a precise instruction included in the application packet for Texas, they have MorphoTrust /IdentoGo to do the background check which will cost you around $37. The link for the site is included in the packet, find the "Applicant residing outside Texas", choose the link given in that form.. Follow the instructions, and pay for the fee, you will be given a form that you need to submit along with your finger print card. All Fingerprints must be completed by a law enforcement agency only. Hope this helps
  8. itseuniceskie

    NCLEX Application Center (NEAC) Comments and Reviews

    May I ask which Board of Nursing you are applying to..?
  9. itseuniceskie

    NCLEX Arizona Guide For Foreign Educated Nurses 2016

    Have you send your BON application..? This should come first, otherwise nothing will happen with your application.
  10. itseuniceskie

    NCLEX Arizona Guide For Foreign Educated Nurses 2016

    Hi Bia, I apologise for the delayed response.. May I know which Board of Nursing you are applying to? You have to know that each BON application varies from one another in terms ielts and document verification..
  11. itseuniceskie

    NCLEX Arizona Guide For Foreign Educated Nurses 2016

    Hi,, I am still in the process of completing my application for endorsement.. :) sorry for the late reply.
  12. itseuniceskie

    NCLEX Arizona Guide For Foreign Educated Nurses 2016

    Yes.. For foreign nurse applicants, Texas Bon requires a paper application for endorsement which you can download on their website.. í ½í¸ƒ I contacted AzBn and they told me to reach out to Texas Bon first thru email and ask for the process..
  13. itseuniceskie

    NMC Test Online

    congrats! just wait for nmc‘s email.. í ½í¸€í ½í±Œí ½í±
  14. If that's the case, then most likely you will go back to the assessment phase. It happened to me because the registrar staff did not include the date when my ftatt form was signed by the School coordinator. Nmc is strict when it comes to that kind data. Now I have my DL, after waiting for a month.
  15. itseuniceskie

    NCLEX Arizona Guide For Foreign Educated Nurses 2016

    Hi edsel07, I am not familiar with Eres' preferences so I can't recommend it however, it is still accepted by the Arizona Board of Nursing. Now with cgfns, the processing of my documents was smooth sailing bc it's recognized by the PRc so you decide on this one. In terms of my application, I am currently in the process of endorsing my inactive license to Texas. In addition, if you haven't applied to Arizona yet, you can opt to apply between the two, Arizona is a compact state and I am presently living in the Philippines so they tagged me as "Inactive: Living Abroad" due to the fact that I don't have a Social Security number (SSN). In order to get a visa screen, priority date, you need an active license. To conclude, it will be much easier and inexpensive if you apply to Texas Board if you're a foreign nurse applicant without a SSN.
  16. ARIZONA NCLEX FOR FOREIGN EDUCATED NURSES Dedicated for the Filipino Nurses who aspire to work in Arizona, USA! The process is quite lengthy, you need to have a timetable in order to process and complete the requirements and of course, patience because the entire process took me a year to complete. I did not rely on any agency to accomplish my NCLEX application. I went through a lot of research and procedure before I got to where I am now, and it is such a fulfillment for me because I had to undergo 2 major exams before NCLEX, (IELTS Acad and CBT, all in a span of 1 year. Dedication, Perseverance and Faith are the key to make this possible. What to complete: Note: For the detailed requirements, please visit azbn.gov under, Licensure by Examination then Foreign Educated Nurses. Foreign Educated Requirements | Arizona State Board of Nursing CES Professional Report available at CGFNS website. Validation of English Language Testing Skills : Ielts TRF 7.0 or higher in all bands (British Council or IDP) you are exempted if you have worked for a total of 960 hours in a Foreign Country where English is the main language if not, then you have to work for it. After obtaining the required score go to your test provider (British Council or IDP) to request another copy of your trf, they will charge you around Php 1,600.00 for the courier service fee. Submit the Application Form with your Certificate of Employment (Photocopy only) if you are currently employed or have worked in the past. You have to fill up the employment history, In my perspective, it will give you an edge in obtaining the ATT. Process NBI Finger print card ( NBI UN Taft, Manila, service is free) Submit requirements via courier (DHL, Air21 or FedEx ). Estimated cost ranges from Php 2,500-2,700. Other costs include the fees required by your institution (University / School) so it will vary. PearsonVue Registration and Schedule Step 1. You have to pass the IELTS and you have to score at least 7 in all bands but if you think you can get higher than 7, the better .You should practice and pray hard. Furthermore, if you have enough savings, you can enroll in a review center like I did. ( 9.0 Niner Ielts Review Center is the best choice if you will ask me, because they have the finest coaches, their review materials are proven to be integral, relevant and up to date. Moreover, they will assist you in the exam process, they have a regular orientation in every branch. I am not being bias here, I am just stating facts.) I got 7 in all sub test. Make sure that you pass the IELTS first because AZBN will not process your application without it. Also, IELTS is valid for 2 years, you can use it for Visa screen! . Step 2. Register at CGFNS and complete the form, you will need an active credit card for the payment, if you do not possess one, you can borrow your parent's visa / mastercard. 🙂 Once you're done, they will give you the necessary documents that you have to download. Have it completed at P.R.C. and the educational institution where you finished your degree. Notes: Always bring a photocopy of your Transcript and PRC License with you. The issued CGFNS report will look like the one on the picture. Step 3. Once you completed steps 1 and 2, wait for the email from AZBN, it takes a month or two for the assessment, so be patient. For example, I submitted most of my requirements on March 20, 2015, AzBn sent a letter on April 17, 2015. Another fact that you need to know is that they have an Online Verification, but it takes a month before your name appears on the AzBn database so check it regularly. Step 4. You must register with PearsonVue (PV) to be made eligible to test by the Arizona Board. Once this is done, PV will send you the authorization to Test and you will be able to schedule a test date. Do not be bothered if your Fingerprint status is still "Pending", it takes time before showing up on the database but you can still register with PV in spite of it. My Review materials: It is vital that you prepare for the NCLEX at the same time. I highly suggest that you buy the Saunders Q&A Review 6th edition, and finish it from cover to cover. However, if you feel the need for a refresher course, please enroll in a review centre, do not take the NCLEX lightly, give your 100% best and maximum effort so you won't have to toil again and repeat the entire process of registration, review and examination! 1. Saunders Q&A Review for NCLEX-RN 6th Edition (Green Color) & Saunders Comprehensive Review 5th Edition (Yellow) . ( I bought these at C&E Publishing, Philippines) 2. Lippincott Manual of Nursing Practice Ninth Edition 3. Please read the Detailed and Summarized Nclex 2016 testplan, all the topics that you need to cover are in there Additionally, I practiced 100-200 questions everyday from the Saunders Q&A, it has over 5,900 nurse practice questions. In addition, let your family and close friends know that you are about to take a life-changing exam so they can show their support by not disturbing /disrupting your review. Remember FOCUS. NURSING REVIEW CENTRE The most reputable Nursing review center in Philippines is The Royal Pentagon Review Specialist's Inc., they offer an affordable NCLEX program. I enrolled way back in 2013 until now I have proven that their review materials and method of teaching are essential and related with the NCLEX 2016 test plan! Going back to the process, I received the snail mail from AZBN after a month, well it could have been 20 days earlier had I only tried going directly to our local post office to check for it. So now, you have the mail, It should contain the Fingerprint card, and other documents that needs verification if there is one. In my case, I had to submit another Form of Lawful presence For Foreign National Applicants living abroad since I am presently residing in a foreign country with a photocopy of my government issued id (voter's Id) and nurse license. I sent it back to AZBN along with the fingerprint card to save for the courier fee. Finger Print Card Process (Please go to Azbn.gov for the Updated requirements) Head to the main office of NBI Clearance, in UN Taft Manila. Go to the 5th floor, you should be able to locate the area, it is just adjacent to the stairs. The service is free so do not pay for anything. Follow the guidelines in completing the Fingerprint card, download the pdf file at the AZBN website. Once you're done, you can send it back to AZBN using the return envelope provided by the BoN. ATT (Authority to take the test) I obtained my ATT a month thru email after I registered with PearsonVue. It was only valid for 90 days so I scheduled my NCLEX nearly 40 days prior to the actual exam. NCLEX Day You can bring your own water and food in case you will take a break during the exam. The only valid ID PV will accept is your PASSPORT! Please do Deep Breathing Exercise if you're getting anxious, it helps a lot believe me but be cautious though so you will not disturb the other test takers. 🙂 Conquering the Nclex was one of the most difficult, challenging yet rewarding task for me in 2016. All my hard work have paid off! Two days after taking the Nclex, I found out that I am a USRN! I did not do the PV trick, I just went to the AZBN online verification and saw my License number. I know, you can make it too! Believe in yourself! I wish you success on the NCLEX!