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  1. zvelasquez

    Brookline College

    Hi falcon53192, The Nursing Program at Brookline is ACEN accredited but if you plan on transferring your degree over to UNM they will not accept any credits from there. Since Brookline is not Regionally accredited. This is what several UNM Advisors told me. I was planning on going in the Fall to Brookline but i am not sure on that now that I have found this information out.
  2. zvelasquez

    Brookline College

    Hi everyone, I was interesed in attending Brookline College since registering at CNM is so hard now a days. I know Brookline college is now accredited so I was hoping to speak to someone who is actually attending the college if you can give me any info? Thanks!
  3. zvelasquez

    Nursing classes wait-time at CNM?

    Hi marchuleta98, I went and spoke to a Brookline College and was thinking of attending that school. I was wondering if you decided to attend that college?