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    Weatherford College ADN Fall 2016

    Hey guys. I am starting the ADN program at Weatherford College this Fall. I noticed WC only has 4 semesters and other colleges I have looked at for the ADN have 5 semesters. So if anyone has been through the ADN program at WC I am looking for any and all tips and advice. 4 semesters, 4 clinical rotations? Does this exclude psych? What are the 4 areas in which we will have clinical rotations? Studying tips? Anything! Also if you're starting this Fall as well let's all join together. FYI there is a Facebook group also, come join us. Thanks!!!
  2. bbolton0717

    Weatherford College Fall 2016 ADN

    Who made it in!?
  3. bbolton0717

    Anybody in housekeeping; formerly or currently?

    I live in Fort Worth, TX. I tried Salary. Com but I couldn't specify hospital housekeeper; it gave more of like hotel housekeeping....
  4. I am in school working towards nursing.... I could apply as of last summer but I can't afford daycare for my two kids (third on the way) aiming for Fall 2016... but anyways. I am looking at hospital jobs to make a little money to help save towards the future ( afternoons/evenings so I don't have to pay for daycare which would suck up my whole pay check) and I saw several openings for housekeeping. I just want to know roughly what they make starting out so I can figure out if it's something looking into. It's 2:30 - 11 PM 40 hrs a week in a hospital.