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  1. OMMx3

    NCLEX Nerves

    Hello, I am scheduled to take my NCLEX in two weeks. I have been using Uworld and scoring in the 60's. All my scores are above average but its scares me to think that I'm only scoring 60's! Has anyone else felt this way about Uworld or had similar experience? Aside from Uworld I have been using other study sources as well but primarily focusing on Uworld since it mimics NCLEX. Thanks!
  2. OMMx3

    LPN to RN/BSN online programs

    Hello, I am looking to continue my education. Can anyone recommend online bridge programs. I would love to do an LPN to BSN track but it doesn't seem that they are too common. I am located in NJ and I am aware that I am responsible for finding my clinical locations. Thank you!!
  3. I believe gel is considered to be an enhancement, since gel can't be removed with regular nail polish remover most facilities will not allow nurses to wear gel polish. However you can't tell the difference just by looking.
  4. OMMx3

    Help with nursing care plans!

    Thank you so much for taking the time and explaining this to me. The way this was taught in class was very overwhelming and confusing. I was given a paper assignment to make a care plan on a fictional patient, however I'll be starting clinicals soon and will have to create another care plan on a real assigned patient in an LTC center so I wanted to feel 100 % confident in my care plans.
  5. OMMx3

    Help with nursing care plans!

    Thank you so much! I appreciate it 😊
  6. OMMx3

    Will LPN's be around for long?

    Thank you! Best of luck on taking your NCLEX! 😊
  7. OMMx3

    Nursing School Accreditation

    Hello everyone, I was just wondering how can you find out if a nursing school is accredited. I know it should be on the schools website/catalog,etc. Is there another way to look up and see if the school is legally accredited? Thanks!
  8. Hi everyone! I am in the very beginning of my nursing program and I am having a hard time with creating a nurses care plan. I understand why we have to make one, the problem I am having mostly with this is finding the nurses diagnosis and how to choose from the Nanda list. For example a patient with a medical diagnosis such as diabetes, what would the nurses diagnosis be? I hope I'm not the only student that found this confusing. I appreciate all the help! Thank you
  9. OMMx3

    Will LPN's be around for long?

    Thank you! Congratulations, I wish you the best of luck!
  10. OMMx3

    Will LPN's be around for long?

    This post was not meant to offend anyone so I apologize if I did. I've been accepted into the LPN program in my area and I am happy with my decision! :)
  11. OMMx3


    Congratulations !! 😁😁
  12. OMMx3

    Nclex anxiety

    I can relate, I can make myself sick just thinking about huge exams. Stay calm and positive! Just remember you have what it takes for this exam and you will overcome it! Good luck
  13. From some of my own research, I did read that LPN programs have remained stable since the 90's. I have been thinking about starting an LPN program and going through with school. I do not want to go through everything if there is no future for LPNs because then of course I would have wasted my time and money. My overall goal is to be an RN, I was thinking of doing LPN and then doing an LPN-RN bridge program. Please let me know what you all think.