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  1. Banner Health New Grad RN Program

    First of all, congrats on finishing nursing school, passing the NCLEX, and getting a job! What AZBlueBell said is pretty much exactly how it is! I'm a med-surg/PCU float so I thought I could shed some light on your second question. The academies are...
  2. Summer 3 Mayo clinic nurse externship 2017

    Hi guys! Just found this post and I'm also applying. I'm from Arizona and attend Arizona State University! I'll probably apply to the Phoenix Mayo program too, but would much rather do this one if given the opportunity! My essays are around 1.5 pages...
  3. ASU Rent or Buy Nursing Books

    You're welcome! Yeah it sounds like you have more access codes and maybe even books than I did. So incredibly expensive it's ridiculous. Good luck in junior 1! Nursing school is crazy, but it flies by so fast. Remember to enjoy it :)
  4. ASU Rent or Buy Nursing Books

    Oh I completely forgot about NSO (Nursing Skills Online). I pulled up a syllabus from Fall 2016 for NUR336 and NUR352 to see the required codes and how they compare to what I needed in Spring 2016. If I'm reading the description for NCO right in the ...
  5. ASU Rent or Buy Nursing Books

    I didn't need any access codes until junior 2 and that was for an EBP class that was online. You'll need simchart, though. Keep in mind that there has been a curriculum change and I'm not sure how much they've changed regarding books and using access...
  6. ASU- Summer/Fall 2016

    You're so welcome! Oh man, that thing has like everything. Twin packs (used to pull up meds for injections), catheter kits for both IV and foley, central line dressing trays, cholraprep applicator, dressing change tray, some different types of dressi...
  7. ASU- Summer/Fall 2016

    Congrats to all of you who got in! And to those on the wait list, don't lose hope! Quite a few people end up getting in that are placed on the wait list. ASU will give you a skills bag (price for it is including in your tuition) the second week of la...
  8. ASU- Summer/Fall 2016

    Yes, Junior 1 is definitely doable! I do enjoy the program, and I love the people I've met so far. The instructors are amazing and really want you to succeed. Your classmates will soon become your best friends since they really understand how crazy y...
  9. ASU- Summer/Fall 2016

    You're welcome! I know it can be hard to find things out about the program since the internet isn't very helpful for that. At least it wasn't when I tried last semester. Okay so the curriculum change they haven't told us much about. All they've said ...
  10. ASU- Summer/Fall 2016

    Hi guys! I'm a current Junior 1 at ASU, and I would love to answer some questions/concerns. However, keep in mind that there is going to be a curriculum change that starts either with the summer or fall cohort. I'm pretty sure they said it's starting...
  11. Spring 2016 ASU TCPN

    Definitely a good idea! I added my Facebook URL on my profile on here. Hopefully it worked! My name is way to generic to be able to just search it haha
  12. Spring 2016 ASU TCPN

    I'm in!
  13. Spring 2016 ASU TCPN

    Someone on the post-bacc post said by Wednesday! Really was hoping for today, though. Dang.
  14. Spring 2016 ASU TCPN

    I didn't ask, but I'm hoping for tomorrow! This is a hard email to wait for!
  15. ASU Rent or Buy Nursing Books

    Thank you SO much for this list! I'm sure you're very busy with school and everything and I really do appreciate you taking the time to type this up with so much detail. And thank you for offering to help as well! I'm not 100% sure if the book list i...