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  1. RNAvatar

    Contracts and Cancellations

    I have good people skills and competency. I don't think I would be terminated for anything performance based..but who knows? And my finances are OK, so I should be fine. I'm just planning for the worst. It's just that planning my housing and paying deposits and rent and driving there seem so time/financially consuming just to get cancelled for some reason.. that's why I wanted to know if there was a way to avoid this or get some reimbursement. But, it is true that for the most part, it is just time consuming to do all that work for nothing!
  2. RNAvatar

    Contracts and Cancellations

    Is there a way to add a clause in the contract to protect yourself in the case of having to cancel for unsafe staffing, family medical emergencies, etc. without penalty? Or, if the hospital cancels and you already paid for your own housing, drove to the city, etc...to get reimbursed for your money? Or, is this just a part of travel nursing? Let me know if you have put any clause like this in your contract, please! I'm just nervous about getting or having to cancel a contract.
  3. RNAvatar

    Considering Travel

    I'm currently looking for my first assignment and do not have kids, so I'm not the best person to ask, but I think that would be a great opportunity! From what I've read on these forums, travel nurses with kids that homeschool really enjoy it and like being able to show their kids new things/cities. Plus, your husband is a stay at home dad, so that makes it 100% easier! As long as your kids and husband are on board, you have enough financial cushion for your family, and you like your specialty, I'd say go for it! Plus, pay is decent (from what I hear)
  4. RNAvatar

    Completion Bonuses

    Wow! Great info! From what little information that I have read, many are against it because they say that the hospital can just fire you a week before your contract ends so that you won't be able to get that bonus. Great tip on adding the bonus into the hourly pay, but I'm not sure if my recruiter would do that for me as this would be my first assignment. I'm leaning towards a higher paying location, rather than the lower paying location with the added completion bonus. I think it's just too big of a risk for me, and I certainly do not want a hospital terminating me just so they don't have to pay me my bonus. Plus, if a hospital offers a completion bonus to attract travelers, I'm not sure if it would be a good idea to work that particular hospital?? That part kind of scares me too..
  5. RNAvatar

    Completion Bonuses

    Yay or nay? What strings are usually attached and should these assignments be totally avoided? And I'm talking about a big bonus >$5K. Also, how do bonuses factor into pay packages? Let me know your experiences! Thanks!