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    Commissioning a patient?

    So as topic says. I can’t find any real information or advice about this so I’d figure I’d ask other nurses. I also find info about accepting gifts or money from nurses or just flat out giving money to patients etc. but nothing about hiring a patient for work like art commissions. Long story short, I have a patient who likes to draw. In my opinion she’s very good and I know my fiancé would love her work. We talked about her art and she has expressed wanting to do commissions. She has been drawing pretty much non stop since becoming a patient here and has freely given myself and other nurses quick pieces as a thank you. I would like to commission her but this also does involve the exchange of course of money. The simple fact that she is my patient seems to put into question whether buying her art is okay to do and I can’t seem to find a “right answer” for it. So I guess I’m looking for some opinions/guidance here. Thanks.