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  1. murse1293

    Was CRNA worth it all?

    I couldn't imagine
  2. murse1293

    Was CRNA worth it all?

    It is a very rewarding career from what I gather, and an amazing time to get in on the profession with the current forecast in healthcare. Lots of room for growth and expansion. I follow your youtube channel Bluebolt, great content man I hope you get some free time on your hands in the future to update the channel. You must be pretty close to finish at this point.
  3. murse1293

    Was CRNA worth it all?

    That is great, I hope that I feel the same way when I am in your position.
  4. murse1293

    Was CRNA worth it all?

    CRNAs: those of you who made it through the grueling process of becoming a CRNA, do you feel it was worth it? I’m asking in terms of quality of life, finance, respect. I am currently 25 y/o working in an MICU at level 1 trauma center downtown Chicago. Seriously considering applying to CRNA schools in Illinois within the next 1-2 years. Thank you in advance for feedback.