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jupitercrash is a LPN and specializes in School Nursing.

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  1. jupitercrash

    Love school nursing, but can't pay my bills.

    I can be fulltime, but would have a district nurse over me. That seems to be the way most districts do it in this area. Definitely a lot to think about.
  2. I guess I don't understand why the medication was taken out by the nurse then left unsupervised with the CST, if the intention was to be given later by the nurse. Obviously, this opened you up to the possibility of someone else giving the medication inappropriately. I know this may be the way it is "always done" in that facility, but never ever leave a med out for someone else to touch, that falls back on you.
  3. LPN working through agency. School has me come in for 4 hours a day to deal with all the daily meds and recess injuries. Just did the math and after taxes I am making like $11 an hour this month. I made more as an aide. Kind of feel like I'm wasting my nursing license... I LOVE school health. It was my favorite in clinicals, I took this job fir the experience to hopefully get into something full time next school year, but idk if I can afford to ride it out. Oh and the school is a 45 minute drive from my house. I knew this job didn't pay very well when I accepted it ($17/h) but because of the pay schedule I get paid the same amount twice each month (for 10 months a year) and at the end any days I have missed come out of the last pay check. I am starting to just think nursing isn't for me. I can either get a job I hate that pays well or a job I love where I can't afford to pay my bills. And I am apprehensive to go back for my RN when I hated bedside nursing so much. I am just feeling kind of lost in this profession. I've been thinking of picking up a pediatric home health gig on the side but the best part of this job is having nights and weekends with my kids and I dont want to give that up either. Plus then I'd need childcare. I don't know why I am posting this, but I needed to get it out.
  4. jupitercrash

    Do you ever miss bedside?

    I would quit nursing altogether if I had to go back to bedside.
  5. jupitercrash

    School nurse questions.

    I am an LPN working in a school in Ohio, I am also through a health services company (maybe the same one lol) This seems to be common. A lot of schools hire the aides and LPNs to save money. I have an RN supervisor but she is over the entire region. Most districts have an RN that manages all the schools, but my district does not. I bring my nursing bag, stethoscope, BP cuff, pen light, Pulse Ox, etc. basic stuff is provided but I have heard some of the inner city schools are very bare bones and you show up and there aren't even band aids. I am hoping to get my RN and eventually become certified as a school nurse, but right now I am happy where I am.
  6. jupitercrash

    Looking for financial aid

    Seriously. Go to a community college. 4 classes was under $3000. Fafsa covered all of it. I only had to pay about $150 for books and school supplies.
  7. jupitercrash

    I Want To Be A Nurse, But My Grades Aren't Competitive. Help!

    I live in a pretty rural area. GPA must be 2.6 and the only thing you need to do to be "competitive" is finish all your science classes before you apply.
  8. jupitercrash

    Low GPA need help finding schools!

    You'll probably have to retake all the C classes. My school anything below a B won't count towards a nursing degree.
  9. jupitercrash

    Fast-Paced Classes -- How to Manage Information?

    Study every day. I have flash cards on my phone so any down time i have I can practice. Study in smaller blocks of time so your brain doesn't "tune it out"

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