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  1. DestthebestRN

    Student loan interest rate

    Hey charming kitty, you PM me, but it says I can't PM since I'm a new member. Any who I decided to write you back on here. I got the job in houston Texas. At memorial hermann in the Texas medical center. They do new grad OR jobs.
  2. DestthebestRN

    New nurse!

    Hello Nurse Sasha!! Thank you so much!! I will check it out :) an thanks for the goodluck, I'm super excited to join the world of OR nurses :)
  3. DestthebestRN

    New nurse!

    Oh okay that's a great explanation thank you!! I believe that OR will be my niche. Thank you for your responses they were helpful. I want to be the best I can be. And learn as much as I can, an just be a competent an great nurse. So I will prepare, thank you again!!
  4. DestthebestRN

    New nurse!

    thank you so much Rose! that really helped me understand more about OR nursing. I will look up some material, I want to be prepared before I start. They told me I would be learning scrub nurse and also circulating nurse. What are the differences between those two? Also, they said after 4 months of my orientation that I will be placed on-call. Is that when they have emergency surgeries? thanks again!!
  5. DestthebestRN

    New nurse!

    Hello all, I recently graduated from Nursing school, an got a job offer to start in the OR next week!! I'm super excited, but also very nervous. I don't really know what to expect, an I want to feel a little more prepared. Any advice? I love to hear from new grads an also the more experienced nurses! Thanks in advance :)
  6. DestthebestRN

    Help me! Hurst review online course for Hesi Exit?

    I recently took hesi. Hurst review was really good. I also used the hesi evolve book. Use hurst for content an do a lot of practice questions. Saunders an yourbestgrade.com was good for that. Goodluck!

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