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MegGusta has 1 years experience and specializes in Med surg.

Woman. Wife. RN, BSN. Future ARNP, COPH. CNA. Rat mommy. Soul mate. Student. Advocate for equality. Public health nerd. Ambitious. Goofy.

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  1. Charge nurse taking an assignment

    I am a charge on a busy cardiac/tele/stroke unit that can see up to 11-12 admissions at night when I am on shift. I always have a full assignment and have to do all the charge duties. It is absolutely unsafe and unfair to my patients to have a charge...
  2. USF FNP fall 18

    Hey, everybody! I am an RN working on a cardiac/tele unit and I originally trained on post-op. A little over a year of experience. I applied for the Adult-gero/occupational health concurrent MS program pretty close to the deadline because I was waiti...
  3. USF Accelerated BSN Fall 2015!

    It's definitely a tumultuous love/hate relationship. But I in no way regret it and we've all grown so much! I never thought I would come this far this fast and I cannot wait for preceptorship :) Medsurg was challenging in the best way and I feel read...
  4. USF Accelerated BSN Fall 2015!

    Let me just say that some professors change your life and make you a better nurse, while others widdle you down and add unnecessary stress to your life. It's a mixed bag, but overall you get good people. Clinicals are the best part in my opinion! Tha...
  5. USF Accelerated BSN Fall 2015!

    Some insight for you: this program is a kick in the pants! It is pretty frustrating at times due to a lack of organization and very high expectations without enough guidance. With that being said, it is possible to thrive if you cohere with team memb...
  6. USF Accelerated BSN Fall 2015!

    Tay, MEDIC is right! The only aspect of your application that you can control is your essay and it shows the judges who you are and whether or not you are motivated enough to endure the program. My personal advice is to not only share what experience...
  7. PCT positions in Tampa Area

    My unit at Tampa General has hired people with no experience. I have been a CNA for three years but no hospital experience and they hired me. Check out their job listings for anything on 5A (cardiac observation/telemetry). I work an 5A2 and it is pre...
  8. USF Accelerated BSN Fall 2015!

    Okay, besides Reanna, who is everyone and what are you clinical teams? I'm in St. Joe's with Reanna :)
  9. Anyone else want to burn their statistics book?

    Same boat. I had to take it twice, so I went through Hades two times
  10. USF Accelerated BSN Fall 2015!

    Congrats!!! That outfit sounds good. I will be in a pencil skirt, a ruffled top, and heels. So excited!
  11. USF Accelerated BSN Fall 2015!

    So excited for Friday!
  12. USF Accelerated BSN Fall 2015!

    Congrats, Mika! Looking forward to meeting you as well :)
  13. USF Accelerated BSN Fall 2015!

    Welcome, Tardersauce! So excited to meet you. We can have each other's backs! You can do it!
  14. Win $100! June 2015 Caption Contest

    "Don't you look at me like that, Joe. You know that I am covered in MRSA and my feet hurt!"
  15. USF Accelerated BSN Fall 2015!

    Welcome Reanna ! Hope to meet you at orientation!