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ForensicPMHNP has 5 years experience as a MSN, NP and specializes in Psychiatry.

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  1. I will be taking the boards in August and I am deciding between these two, Fitzgerald is significantly more expensive but also well known with a good track record. A class mate of mine used Georgette's review (live classes on Zoom) and said good thin...
  2. Business Opportunities for ACNPs?

    I am in my last semester of my PMHNP program and I work as a Psych RN, however, one of the faculty members at my school who teaches the acute care students has a successful practice that is focused on Pain management in the northeast. Another ACNP th...
  3. I am in my last semester of NP school (at MGH) and will be applying for jobs next year, I am thinking of starting a DNP program right away and these aforementioned schools are my current top choices for the DNP, I probably will take my time and do it...
  4. New Paradigm for the DNP. What do you think?

    Personally I think turning the DNP into a residency/fellowship year in which students basically work as NPs under supervision with a capstone project at the end would make more sense. I am in my last semester of my PMHNP program and some of my class ...
  5. FNP or WHNP?

    I am finishing up my NP Program in Psych Mental health, but one of the things I recall was that two years ago during orientation the advisor rounded up all the WHNP students and advised them to switch to the dual track (WH/Adult Gero) because there w...
  6. No NP jobs. What now?

    This is very important to remember, one thing I realized is that many employers will always favor NPs with experience, especially FNPs,PNPs and AGNPs. Thus the makret may seem tight for a new grad but it is partly because the experience is so valuabl...
  7. PNP vs WHNP

    I am finishing a PMHNP program but many of my close friends are recent graduates from the Pedi track and WH track. Have you considered looking into Neonatal and nurse-midwife specialties? The people in the pedi track that just graduated were having a...
  8. MGH IHP DE NP 2020

    It's straight into it but most of my class mates got jobs while doing the rest of the program. We graduate May of next year.
  9. Is Southern California affordable on a psych NP salary?

    $30-$35??? That is insane how could they make that inquiry with a straight face??
  10. Hi everyone, I am currently in my last year of NP school in Boston and strongly considering moving to Southern California (San Diego County). I am Socal on vacation and I fell in love with the place. However the cost of living and housing is extreme...
  11. MGH IHP DE NP 2019

    The school provides you with preceptors, I am a second year in the DEN program and will be starting mine in the incoming spring semester
  12. In-home NP Medicare Assessments

    Just a quick question, do they have positions that focus on psych evals and assessments too? Or are these jobs mainly focused on regular medical conditions? I am in school to be a Psych NP in Boston and I am really interested in doing this when I gra...
  13. going straight into becoming an NP after BSN?

    RN's and NP's do not do the same thing. RN experience helps a lot, no doubt about it. But if you are smart and work hard you will be fine either way.
  14. Now to be fair most jobs will give preference to experienced NPs a d RNs km just about any place but there are still jobs for new grads at least here in New England.
  15. I have many mentors that re Nurse managers and MD's and this is a question I posed to them when I first entered my program. The truth is: HIRING MANAGERS DO NOT CARE. There is a terrible shortage or Psych NP's and Psychiatrists; if you are licensed t...