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  1. Keep your head up & dust yourself off. Physiology can be a challenging class and it sounds like your interest is up there so don't give up! Rethink a few things: 1. Did you allocate enough time for Physio? Some schools don't allow concurrent re...
  2. I saw another nurse assault a patient

    So, it's your potential job vs elder abuse? I would say the choice is clear. Hint: not the job
  3. College on warning.

    LAVC's NCLEX pass rates have been over 90% consistently since 2010. Link: Board of Registered Nursing - NCLEX Pass Rates
  4. Hi dianam, i am not sure if you already got the ball rolling on this but congratulations in finding out and acting upon your interest! Its always wonderful to have a good idea what your interests are and makes for a clearer path, not just technically...
  5. Back to School at 45

    Hi nursecindy66: great tips about recording and color coding! I am def going to try this.
  6. LAVC Spring 2016

    Bbmtnbb, congratulations! I was accepted at moorpark but turned them down for lavc - same reasons as you, closer to me and upon looking, both schools have good consistent nclex pass rates. All the best!
  7. Nursing School Acceptance

    Thank you for this post and G-d bless you! I am a late bloomer too and had taken a professional path in the past in order to raise my daughter financially. It's definitely so very gratifying to finally take classes in order to make a profession for...